3 grow busts in 2 weeks

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by InksSiren, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. oh man that is sum bullshit what a shame, now these people are gonna have to go to jail lose their house lose all their money, all because of the fucking government, and those 102 plants were ready for harvest i guarantee within the week of that bust, that sucks
  2. All they were trying to do was make some money in this hard time for farmers. What a shame they have to go to jail for such a valuable crop.
  3. It really is a shame to see innocent people going to jail and losing their futures due to a harmless plant. This should only push us farther to promote legalization, or at least decriminalization.

    This shouldn't really affect the States too much in the long run, perhaps some cities that thrived off of those specific growers may feel a small shortage, but I'm sure the gap will be picked up again by someone else. Unfortunately it has to be such a shady business.
  4. Why can't they live and let live? Legalization needs to happen, no one should be imprisoned or even fined for growing a plant, I don't care what "schedule" it is. It's a FU***** PLANT!!
  5. thats crazy, you're probably gonna go through a drought
  6. thats like 4000 plants total in your area.. (doesnt sound like a big area either) lol
  7. Ok Ive posted this before in another thread but what about people who brew their own beer? we should go after them immediately! oh wait that's legal. Welcome to the USA pick a number, and get ready for whichever double standard will apply to you.
  8. thats awful.. which state is this in??? GA??
  9. naw it's in illinois. It's a bit north of the U of I. I think we'll be going down to campus here shortly if it starts getting dry around us. I don't know how much of this will directly affect us but I have friends that are affected by it and it sucks.
    Funny how our state is working on the medical area and this happens. Apparently they're getting happy with searching. It's made me want to put off growing for a bit though.

    my husband went to school with a kid of the couple arrested in the Thawville bust.
  10. I got pulled over a year ago in IL for NO REASON.

    The mother f-ing pig just asked if I had any drugs. I had none and no record of doing so. Threatens me. Leaves.

    So yeah, that state despite housing chicago (awesome), is action-packed with jackasses.

    Tax dollars hard at work.

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