3 grandmas smoke weed for the first time. Halarious I love it

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by Old School Smoker, Nov 20, 2014.

  1. I saw that this morning in my facebook feed! love it!
  2. Ya beat me to it, OSS! LOL

    I was thinking that might be just the thing to show your grandma, if you were thinking of introducing her to cannabis. I think this is perfect to show seniors that there is nothing to fear from cannabis, beyond a few giggles, and perhaps, an inability to play "Jenga"!

  3. Watching it now.  I'm excited. :D
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    Oh man that was great.  What a cool bunch of ladies.  I think it'd be a blast to toke with them.
    "I dont feel to me as high as they look to me"
    Thanks for sharing that OSS.
  5. Love it man.
  6. Ha Ha good one.. :ey:
  7. Hey maybe this will broaden the stoner grandma pool for ya OSS  ;)
  8. God I love this!

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  9. yo can somebody explain queefing to meh. 
  10. Why do you think I posted it?  :ey:
  11. You dirty old dog you  :laughing:
  12. This was awesome ahah

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