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3 grams of dank

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by vbrasta, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. sup guys, this isnt the full 3 grams.. but hell whatever i smoked a lot of it. this pic is from last night, it looks like shit bud but its actually reall good, frosty but a lil leafy imo.

    Oh and heres my dirty ass one hitter too :p

    EDIT; oh, best part.. paid 45 for 3g of dank :D
    usually 50 but hell im still stoked.

    the one hitters a week old, and u cant see it but sbove SMOKIN theres like a silver crown

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  2. blunts all day:smoking:
  3. Do you live near Omaha?

    on topic: Congrats on your discount :) diggin' the 1 hitter but yes could definitely be cleaned :p Did your guy tell you the name of the strain?

  4. yes sir born and raised. u close????
  5. owch, 50 bucks for 3g is regular around there? I can get 3g even of highs for 30 here.
  6. damn yeah well 3g is usually 50 here but im gettin 8ths for 50 now cuz my dude man owes me money. Its noname strain :/

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