3 gallon pot/ 5 gallon pot

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Stigze, Sep 12, 2003.

  1. I've been reading on the net that you get more ounces if u use a 5 gallon pot than a 3 gallon pot,,,,why is this????

    Is that also per plant?

  2. the plant has more room for its roots, which will in turn give you a bigger plant more budsites more buds in the end etc.
  3. Thanks i thought it was something to do wid the roots

  4. I would just go with either rubermaid or in the ground if i had a chance to re-do my grow. Im currently in 5 gal buckets. With a bigger pot not only will rootbound not be a problem but watering will be much less often.
  5. Alwyas get a huge pot I had a female that made fucked up flowers cos it was stressed by the small pot i learned my lesson I have a seedling growing in an 8 gallon pot and I must say they grow much faster than in the small pots.
  6. Im sorry to ask but whats under your belt on gowing? I jsut think its mor chill to ask, then to look at your profile and posts ect.. I just want to know what you are compairing it to, ya know?

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