3 gal pots entire life cycle

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  1. I have a ton of 3 gal fabric pots on hand rn. Can I just run the whole cycle from seed to finish using GAIA GREEN Fertilizers? Would they require more root size than a 3 gal. What was your run like? Did it work out well? Lmk thanks
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  2. Basically, 3 gal living organic soil. Is it doable with good results
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  3. I've grown good for years in a 3usgal/ 15 liter pots, it offers a 3 foot high plant about 24 inches at the base in width, knowing that selects my lighting choice later
    why would you be concerned with root size in a fabric pot?
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  4. Why not solo cup onto the 3 gall?
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  5. I agree with Vee. 3ft high bushes. Some strain like vigorous Sativa or hybrids will go beyond that even if fliped at sexual maturity. Choose your strain. Strains that grows squat plants like Bubba kush or Critical Kush should do great.
    I also agree with Jsauders. Having a soil less rich for seedling stage will help for a good start. Soil for previous run without anything else works fine for seedlings. Solo cup to 3gal, I would amend final soil with 6tbs per container with Gaia Green power bloom, and then top dress with 3 more tbs per container at flower onset.
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  6. my 3 gal smart pots filled up with a solid mass of roots, not much to recyle afterwards except the root ball. seems like i had to keep adding stuff to stay ahead of nutrient depletion once they started showing deficiency.
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