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3 G of crippy or 6.5 of mids?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by RoVe, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. im paying 20 either way, what do you think i should get?
  2. Lemme guess you're getting your 7s of chron for 45$? But def get the 3 for 20, depends on the mids tho
  3. Crip all the way if you dont see it in your area much.:smoke:
  4. my boys gonna pay for some so were gonna get 4 G

    my friends dealer stole some from his brother, and hes trying to unload it quick, hence the low price
  5. we never see it around here

    youve convinced me, thanks

    i cat wait to try out my new water pipe too
  6. I wouldn't trust a dealer that was stealin weed from anyone, let alone his brother...
  7. damn dude where the fuck are u getting 3 gs of crippy for 20 im jealus and i dont believe u at all might be a setuop yo i normally pay 50-60 for that amount of crip....i dunno might wanna watch out.
  8. whats up jax..toker riverside here:smoke:
  9. what's a crippy?
  10. well down here where i live we call good ass weed crip lol :smoke:
  11. I would look at both and check out the "crip" its not that its isnt really crip but it also very well might just be high middies b/c ALOT of dealers hype up there weed so much.
  12. What UP WHAT UP, I'm from Orange PArk, I live in tallahassee now, Nice to See jacksonville getting some rep on here.
  13. Shit, don't know if I'd be messin with someone after they steal ganja and people know about it.
  14. dank shit in the middle of florida is 3g for 20$.

    over here its (west coast of fl) 1 for 20.

    i know this from xbox live. lol
  15. when u say crippy im guessin u live in florida?haha

  16. i'm in tally 2 but i haven't run into anything decent in a while:rolleyes:

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