3 footer with 3 percs and an inline bubbler base, sick yo!!

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  1. [​IMG]


    sorry been smokin a lot out of it since i got it hahaa :smoking:
    smooth hits and almost unclearable when the smoke is thick, unbelievable


  2. got hooked up with it for 180
  3. where the hell are all of these inlines with china trees coming from?
  4. damn, how did you get that price?
  5. holy SHIT that's dirty. grunge off man, it's your friend. hell, invest in a nie ashcatcher so you don't have to clean it out so much.
  6. that thing is dope man
  7. i know the guy at the smoke shop, offered me to toke up with the bongs to test em if i wanted to haha
    this one was cheaper cuz it was it used, but came with a fresh bowl piece so it was legit
  8. I haven't bought the pipe cleaner for it yet
    And plus, I don't have time to be cleaning it, I got herbzz to smoke out of it yo!
  9. Bro this is your friend..


  10. my ? too. second one in like a week. nice tube though for 180
  11. how much would a bottle of some bong cleaner cost?

  12. Grunge Off Super Soaker $12.95 + tax

  13. man, you aint gotta get Grunge off. just grab some ISO alcohol and some morton salt and mix it together and wash carefully.
  14. This ^^^

    Nice pickup

  15. I personally wouldn't want to be shaking around a 3ft gong with iso/salt with chinese trees and an inline and as a base but thats just me.;)
  16. damn these chinese are pumping out inlines like crazy!!

    not saying thats bad at all could you have gotten a toro or luke wilson inline perc for this price?? i dont think so lol

    nice piece dude!
  17. man i had one of those just without the chinese part and inline, instead just beaker bottom. that thing had quite amount of drag and took a while to clear, but was smooth as fuck.

    so how good/bad is the drag and how fuckin smooooooooooth is that baby?
  18. Ewww gross.
  19. put some dish washing detergent in it

  20. hahahahha.:hello:

    you really think those trees would snap if he shook it?

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