3 Foot Lowyders and still growing????? Help!

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by seoirse, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. im currently half way through my first grow, 4 lowryders . Started them off under 35w cfl's then got a 90w UFO from ebay off COLLECTGOODLY, ok i know and heard about the crappy cheap led's and the one i got cost $107 so maybe i did get a cheap one but the plants just keep growing . 2 inches a day is normal and compared to various pics of the plant on the internet not one looks like the mutants ive got, ill post pics tomorrow . Until then basically the plant looks spindly and lanky but with loads of buds in the early flowering stage . Any comments or help should i be worried?
    ive also used Jungle green 20-20-20 and now feed them yeild up 10-60-10
  2. sounds like its stretching because there isnt enuf lighting for it. lowrider at 3ft? either you are starving for some attention (no offense) or where ever you got the seeds from didnt send you the right stuff. unless its just stretching like crazy. again no offense. woudl love to see the pix though.

    Stay stoned
  3. Yeah I agree with gwiito. It's hard to tell without pictures but they're probably just stretching. I would try putting the lights closer to the plants. And you could LST too perhaps.

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