3 first true laves????

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  1. i am growing these seedlings from some bagseed that i acquired from a purchase of sweet, resin covered bud that turned out to be loaded with seeds. something they frown upon heavily out here in the pacific northwest. but the bud was so tasty, and i had invested a nice amount of money into it, so i decided to go thru 112g's and pluck as much seeds as i can from each nug. i ended up wit over 120 tiger striped, healthy fresh seeds.
    Anyway, i have germinated over 40, wit a 100% germ rate, and a true 50-50 male-female ratio. all strong growers. but on my newest run of seedlings, i have a brand new baby wit a set of 3 small cotyledon and a set of 3 true leaves??:confused: i saw this mutation before but it was back when i was growing in a bullshit environment with bullshit soil with bullshit seeds. has anyone ever grown out a plant like this???!?!?!?

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  2. The Cheese mother I have grew very funny. The leaves weren't as deformed as yours, but it was a very strange plant. Anyway, I grew her out and she is fine. I also have had a bagseed plant grow very funny, she finished with strong purple hues. If you have the space grow anything out you might be surprised!
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    the seedling with the 3 leaves is a triploid.

    triploids are genetic mutants. i have personally never had one before, but i believe somebody on here before has stated that they grew one that produced no bud. im not 100% sure though.

    the industry uses triploid plants to their advantage. for example, seedless watermelon plants are triploidys. i personally dont agree with eating genetically mutated food, but to each their own :smoke:

    edit: i just saw a picture of a triploidy MJ plant with a decent ammount of buds. its up to you if you want to keep the plant or not. happy thanksgiving!
  4. Hey thanks for the info, I knew it was a mutation of some sort. I'm gonna let it go for 6 weeks and see what sex it is and if it's a female, she should make a great mother! I'll update with pics later.
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    It's much more accurate to call this plant a "tricot" rather than "triploid". The number of cotyledons a plant has has nothing to do with its ploidy. I did read somewhere else that these tricots are the plant equivalent of conjoined twins. Cannabis is a eudicot, which means that it normally would have two cotyledons ( eu = true, di = two, cot = cotyledon). Monocots, like grass and maize have one cotyledon (seed leaf) but are still diploid (2 sets of chromosomes, like humans). In fact, all seed plants are diploids by default, but can become sterile polyploids by hybridizing with other nearby, closely related plants, or by errors occurring during meiotic division in the egg or sperm cells in the parent generation.

    As for genetically modified plants being used for food, you really should open your mind. Maize was genetically engineered by the Mayans looong before modern-era genetic technology existed. Time has led to a transition from a time when farmers would choose two individuals to cross based on desirable traits to a time where scientists isolate that desirable trait in a laboratory and put it in the plant directly. The new process saves time, and allows for very specific traits to be transferred. If we didn't have genetically modified plants/food, a world population of 7 billion (and increasing) people would be unsustainable.

    To the OP: If you can afford to grow this plant, you should, that is a really cool and rare mutation.
  6. [quote name='"Phytosapien"']

    To the OP: If you can afford to grow this plant, you should, that is a really cool and rare mutation.[/quote] do you know the scientifically accurate term for this mutation?
  7. I googled "tricot seedling" and found someone referring to it as "apomixis"
  8. Just wanna say I had the same experience with a quarter ounce of really good stuff seeds. 12 seeds in hand, just waiting for the day that I fail at cloning/clones die.

    I always like to say, if they aren't contagious and you have room for them, then see what happens.

  9. It's info related to colchicine use. Triploid (3n) and tetraploid (4n) individuals can have three of four sets of chromosomes. It is believed that the haploid condition of 10 chromosomes is likely derived from a higher (polyploid) ancestral number. Polyploidy used to only be induced by colchicine. Triploids were formed by great difficulty by crossing artificial created tetraploids (4n). Except for changes in leaf shape and phyllotaxy, no other outstanding characteristics have developed in doing this. Most mutant tri-leaf phyllotaxy'ed marijuana plants are the result of colchicine use and it's results. Tricot because it is triploidy.
  10. That's funny, I was thinking of asking about this myself. I'm on my first grow, 4 plants, 2 bagseed and 2 that I purchased called LSD. One of the 2 LSDs grew exactly like yours, but all the following sets came out in pairs after that. I never considered that it might not flower, it's feminized so it should. Growth at the top is a bit slower than in her sister, but growth in the lower nodes is far stronger (plus there's more nodes) so it's nice and bushy. She's a month old now and about a week away from flowering, you can see her if you like, I just posted a thread here, it's the bottom picture. Right now it's healthier than it looks in the picture. If you want I'll let you know if she flowers in a few weeks. :)
  11. My mistake, I didn't realize that this was the case. Usually a phenotypic character does not imply poly- or aneuploidy, but in this case it does. Sorry for propagating confusion.

    I'm really excited to see what comes of your little mutant!
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    I also have a triploid, its a sour d from bulldog..im gonna watch yours grow and ill keep ya posted on mine..its on its second set of real leafs...same or close to yours..i wonder if yours is sour d also
  13. Let us know, because like PhytoSapien noted, many are sterile, some won't make flowers.

  14. lol GMO foods are linked to causing allergies and other problems that show up later in life, also breeding two plants is natural, genetically altering the dna of a plant by adding animal, bacterial and anitbiotic genetics to the plant is completely different. The only reason GMO foods exist is because corporations like monsanto want to dominante the food industry from seed to the dinner plate and have a monopoly. Not to mention GMO plants actually in most causes will have things like pest immunity (even though now bugs are becoming immune to things such as the DT produced in the roots of Monsantos GMO corn to kill root eating bugs) BUT will grow WAY slower then its organic cousin and will produce less, while poisoning the world because these plants have to be grown with chemical fertalizers. Also there are now 3 species of "super weeds" that have NATURALLY developed that are immune/highly resistant to Monsantos herbicide Round Up (basically the same thing as Agent Orange which they also created) and can grow up to 3 inches a day and destroy farm equipment, keep in mind Round Up kills ANYTHING vegetative that is growing, EXCEPT plants genetically modified by monsanto and patented so people have to pay EVERYTIME they plant a crop with Monsanto seeds and its illegal to produce your own seeds using monsanto GMO genetics and there is a part of Monsanto whose sole purpose (of 70 some employees) is to illegally take samples from farms and test them for Monsanto genetics and then prosecute those who are not paying to use the genetics, but it is sad because organic farmers surrounded by famers using GMO seeds are being targeted because their own crops/seeds become poisoned by the genetically modified garbage. Also if you do a nutrient comparison of a natural organic non gmo plant against a chemically grown (or even organic for that matter) GMO plant, the organic natural plant will be WAYYYYY higher in nutrient content. So GMO ANYTHING, is just detrimental in the long run. Also the Mayans didnt genetically engineer plants at the level of the genetic code, they used natural breeding programs to isolate desireable traits[FONT=&quot] (which usually only occurs with human intervention)[/FONT][FONT=&quot][/FONT] and inbred/crossed genotypes until the plant had the desired traits/growth patterns. Which is natural evolution/change, not modification.
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    Just because one company uses something for bad doesn't mean it has to be. GMOs could be designed to increase nutritional content. For example, a lot of research has gone into finding ways to put genes for omega-3-fatty acid expression in fruits and vegetables. I suppose you could argue that's evil in some way, depending on who funds the research, but the people doing the research aren't intending to do evil, they think they're improving the quality of living. Blame their overseers, who decide to include a gene that provides resistance to their pesticide, or make the seeds unable to reproduce. Sorry to drive this thread so far off topic.

    Edit: By the way, when a human breeds something for a particular trait, that is not natural selection, it's actually called artificial selection and it's a crude form of genetic engineering. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artificial_selection
  16. Ummmm....yah its artificial selection....NOT GENETIC MODIFICATION, in which they use animal, bacteria and antibody DNA and add it to plant DNA and create an organism that could never be created even in artificial selection. GMO food is poison, GMO soybeans if you eat enough of em over a long enough time period will give you a soybean allergy and GMO foods have been linked to other major health issues. Watch the movie The World According To Monsanto, GMO foods are poison that produce sub par plants that produce LESS then Non gmo plants and GMO plants have LESS nutrient value. GMO's are DECREASING the quality of living, farmers in India have been suckered in by monsanto to grow ILLEGAL GMO crops, the farmers end up having diminished yields of lower quality and end up barely being able to afford to live and it spirals down a path, thousands of farmers in india have committed suicide because of GMO crops, GMO crops HURT third world farmers and even farmers in america, around the world for that matter. The scientists might have had good intentions but the product has not brought good to the world.

  17. also you can get ALL the omega 3 and 6 you need from hemp seed oil so that would be a pointless pursuit to add it to fruits and vegetables, lowering the overall quality anyway.
  18. Hey man im growing one too here she is..its pretty cool actually has three branches at the bottom..this was taken yesterday

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  19. My triploid began showing pistil formation yesterday, ~3-4 days after going 12-12. Promptly took cuttings to preserve the DNA.

    <------ Happy parent
  20. Oh yeah boy look what mine turned into A QUADROID.. On one branch four now branches and on another branch three branches.
    If I top the two branches ill add seven more spots..

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