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  1. I've looked through this an other sites as well as a couple books and I don't know why I can't find an answer to this but I can't. Does anyone know what would cause an otherwise healthy looking mother plant under 18/6 that came from a seasond grower and was fine until I took possession of it to suddenly start producing leaves with only 3 fingers? And is that necessarily a problem? The plant is in a relatively small area as security is a concern and is under 4 23watt CFL's, it is well ventalated and stays between 20 and 25 degrees celcius. Another plant from the same stock that went under my 400w and into 12/12 looks fine after aprox 3 and a half weeks of flower. So far the only thing I have done with the mother plant is transplant it (this went fine, it resumed very fast growth after 2 days) and fertalize once with 20-20-20 miracle grow when it started to look low on N. When it reached max height for the space I have (aprox 18") I took enough off to make 6 clones. It was about 3 days later that I noticed the leaves. My main concern is that this is my second attempt at growing, both times I've started with well rooted healthy clones (from two different sources), and both times I've had the same results. With the last plant that this happened to it remained healthy except I could not for the life of me get any clones from it to root. I have gone over every aspect of my cloning procedure, discussed it with other growers, and from what I'm told I'm doing nothing wrong. I have also checked and rechecked and am 99% sure there are no light leaks. What am I missing that would cause this mutation?
  2. Don't worry about the 3 leaves. Marijane can have anywhere from 1-11 fingers on each leaf. If the plant is otherwise healthy it is not a problem.
  3. OK cool. Thanks man. I was told that any less than 5 leaves is probably a sign of stress.
  4. in my experience less leaves usually correlates to less light, but all strains are different

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