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  1. I need to move out here in 2 months from my dad's house. A friend from work (very attractive  :confused_2: ) say's she needs a roomate with 2 other girls because one is leaving when the lease is up in a few months. 
    Should I do this? I don't have very many options? Any tips for this situation?

  2. You gon die OP, might as well get laid in the process.  :confused_2:
  3. This is the kinda thing you should really be making your own decisions about. 
    Just prepare for your perception of women to be turned upside down, a lot of effort goes into making sure regular people don't see what goes on behind closed doors, same with men but..You'll probably see for yourself i imagine. 
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    Man I'd be hesitant to live with three people regardless of gender. Is it a house or and apt? Will you have your own bathroom? Sharing a bathroom with a chick can suck. 
    I don't know if I could live with 3 females. 
    These are questions i need to ask.  :bongin:  have to think its 4br/2ba though
  6. For me the most important thing would be space. How much of it will I have and how much privacy will I have? I'd ask them what they do for work and how often they go out to gauge how often they will be home. There is a huge difference between 3 room mates who are never home and are quiet when they are and 3 room mates who take up all the living spaces and are loud or having people over a lot.  That's just some stuff that I would look into :)
  7. Yeah pretty much the whole thing with space and bathroom. You could meet alot of different females. You should go over look around, then think about the environment and location. If they're clean,chill and 420 friendly id go for it.
  8. As a female myself, I would NEVER want to live with three others, lol. No thanks!!!!
  9. So you'd be live with 3 females or is one of them leaving?
    Either way idk if I could live with 3 females.....unless i "accidentally" walked out of my room naked with my massive penis erect.
  10. Start hanging out with these girls and see what theyre like. You can get a better understanding of their dynamics and a better idea of how it would be if you were a roommate.

    Not when they're going out though but like a Wednesday at 12 o clock when they're on their regular people shit.

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