3 experienced smokers, smoking with a first timer.

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  1. So, I just started school a few weeks ago, (Senior, 18) And this new kid, Nick comes to my school. He seemed like a real, "Goody good" but once I got to know him he's chill as fuck. So we got to talking, I told him that i've been smoking bud since about 8th grade, Thinking he'd automatically try to stay away from me, I tried to change the subject, but he was just like " oh really? i've always wanted to try it, i've been kinda researching it and from everything i've read, it seems harmless" I'm just like sweet. So i told him I was having a get together tomorrow with a couple of my boys, who have been smoking as long as i have, and asked if he wanted to come and smoke with us. We only had a 4 day week so Tomorrow is like Friday, he immediately said yeah. I asked if he can pitch in 5 bucks and I would cover the other half and he said yeah. So tomorrow around like 8 im cruise over and pick him up.

    So my question is, if anyone has any experience with smoking out first timers..what is your advice? because usually when i smoke with my boys, we smoke alot and i don't want to force anything on him if he's already had enough.

    Thank's.. BTW, don't hate if this is the wrong forum, this one seemed most appropriate to me.

    Peace. :wave:
  2. Yeah bro dont make him smoke way too much. Dont want him to green out and make himself look like a bitch. Do something active too, idk go walking somewhere and blaze, dont sit inside or w.e.
  3. Yeah, I know what you mean. I smoked way too much my first time and it's not fun. Thank's for the advice bro. I appreciate it.
  4. Let him take a few bong rips and see how he feels. Make sure he inhales correctly.
  5. Start by explaining how to smoke. Tell him how the piece works, and what the various names are for its components. He will have a better time if he understands what he's doing. Also, be sure to tell him to smoke what he wants, so he knows he doesn't have to keep up with you guys during the session. Lastly, make sure he is having a great time. Occasionally ask him if he wants to do anything other than what you guys are already doing. Good luck!
  6. Make sure he knows how to inhale properly. That's the biggest things with newbies.

    If you're smoking out a bong, explain it to him. Some people don't understand.

    Let him smoke as he wants to. Give him a drink if he starts coughing and don't tease him if he can't take baby hits without coughing ... he'll get it.
  7. teach him how to actually inhale smoke
  8. get him a j or something bong rip will prob be too intense, and he will prob get scared and not wanna do it again
  9. put him in the "box" have all of your buddys and you move their lips but not say anything when he's high
  10. If he even gets high his first time, hes going to need water. And lots of it.
  11. You guys are only going to smoke a 10sac?
  12. He could be smoking alot bro, he just said to throw in 5$ and they'd cover the rest. Whenever I smoke people out, instead of selling them a dime, I just charge them 20$ for a sesh, the usually smoke around a gram anyway, and if they can walk back to their truck I'll give them half of their money back. Lightweights around here aren't accustom to dank :smoke:
  13. Just be sure you guys all have pieces. The last 3 people I smoked up for their first time was out of a can because I didn't have my piece on me at the time. To this day that pisses me off
  14. my first time - i never really felt it?
  15. everyone's saying don't make him smoke to much. but that's what you gotta do. you always get the classic "i didn't get high my first time." my first time i smoked like 5 bowls to the face and got RIPPED. you have a membrane around where your cannabonoids and all that shit does it's thing and you have to break the membrane in order to "get high." if he says he's good don't force him on him but don't assume that just because it's his first time he's hella baked.

    my advice would be smoke a blunt or something as it's defiantly the easiest way to smoke and i'm just going to assume he's smoked a ciggerette before and he will feel more at home if you pass him a blunt. also don't fuck with him or you might freak him out idk haha also don't try to give him a good time and if you have an ipod thing in your car let him choose a song (and everyone else lol) i know i hate people who pick every fucking song and it ain't the radio.

    edit: lol see like FiveOnIt

  16. Make sure the TV and music is off for this to work.

    But make sure he knows what and where the carb is.
    And if you have it, use a piece that can hold ice, that helps, and some good, hydrating drinks.
  17. Yea dont let him smoke too much or he might start bugging out. I remember my first time i smoked. 1G blunt between 3 people. After we finished smoking I didnt feel anything except it felt like my chest was on fire. On the walk back in it hit me and i felt like i was having an out of body experience. I was tripping out and they calmed me down got me something to drink and got really chilled out. Then there was a long silence and one of my friends said guys guys..."I got a really big dick." We all busted out laughing for like 10 minutes straight my abs hurt so bad. I was so baked :smoke:. So just make sure hes in a chill enviroment and im sure everything will go fine
  18. Guys ... your first time only happens once. Granted, if he's giggling on the floor and eating chalk because he's so hungry don't put a blunt in his face ... but let him get his mind blown. :smoke:
  19. help him out and have some munchies/ water ready for him it will make his time more enjoyable =)
  20. Definetely don't do a hotbox, I've let a rookie and a couple of friends smoke in the hotbox this girl, threw up all over the floor.

    Just don't force him, and when he's done he's done.

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