3 doors of hell

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by ugeman420, May 7, 2003.

  1. so this dude dies and goes to hell.
    he goes down there and the devil greets him, "hey man whats up?"
    the guys like "nohting much devil dude"
    devil goes "alright i know you've heard that hell sucks ass but its not really that bad, you see those three doors?"
    the guys goes "yea man i see them"
    devil goes "yea man you can pick which one you go into. see it aint that bad man you have a choice. each one has its own mehtods of torture but you can pick ur own"
    so the dude goes up against the first door and puts his ear to the door. he hears bloodcurling screams and he decides to go to the next door.
    at the next door he hears ghostly voices and it freaks him out so he goes to the last door. He doesn't hear anything so he opens it up and goes inside. to his surpirse he is chest deep in shit, but he thinks to himself "o at least its just shit and not torture, this isn't that bad. sure it'll smell a lot but at least i'm not getting burned or beaten"
    so the dudes starting to get used to his eternal hell when all of a suden the devil opnes the door and says "alirght breaks over everyone back on their heads"
  2. hes gonna drown in shit, err, wait hes already dead.;)

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