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  1. High all,we're still smokin in the U.S.A. even if the bad guys are in power. I'm looking for some brothers i've lost track of NOAH,AVIEL,or NESCHELLE PALMER and i am in hopes that someone there in the land of free stoners can help me.Pleeease if you know my bro's could you tell them that 3 dog Darren says high and has an e-mail adress; slickhippie@hotmail.com Thanks,keep the peace and smoke one of thoes freedom fatties for me.Here in the land of the ignorant government we can only dream of puffing Ganja without the fun police crashing the party.
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  2. You finally found me, but in the mean time you're long gone. You posted this message 6 year ago. I only yesterday came accros it and found out that your email address doesn't work anymore.

    If you ever read this you can reach me at www.parcdesign.com

    Greeting from Holland to all of Idyllwild.

    Noah Palmer

    special greetings to
    Junkyard Jim, Mark Adams, Jeff (Muir) and Tom.
  3. whoa haha old ass thread. good luck finding your friend noah

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