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  1. I've heard somewhere that life was 3 dimensional. Don't know where, but it got me thinking. Could we be in 3 places at the same time? Why not? The past, present, and future. Our bodies are somewhere in the future living presently, tuning our minds into the past(which is our now).
  2. See quantum mechanics... :smoke:
  3. Well, the future comes to exist as the present and the past once existed as the present, so why not?
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    It's true your perception is a few milliseconds behind the original information presented to the body, and we all experience this delay at a similar pace (unless the synapse travels the speed of light, then theoretically there is no delay), but I personally believe the present is the only true moment in time. Evolution is what keeps the wheels moving.
  5. Quantum mechanics>superstring theory>Kaluza-Klein theory>Calabi-Yau manifolds.

    Welcome to the reality

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