3 dead in Aurora,CO shooting...again

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  1. So it appears that a gunman took 4 people hostage in a house, killed three of them and one got away. Then cops went in and took him down.

    What's up with all these shootings, especially in Colorado.
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    Seriously? Was this today?

    I haven't watched the news in a while, Damn American terrorists and their shitty goals

    Edit: its probably all the free pot causing these killings
  3. This wasn't a mass shooting like last time. This is just general run of the mill violence that seems important because its in the same town.
  4. Yeah happened today
  5. Where in aurora?
  6. you just know that the media would skewer these types of stories into anti-dispensary pieces if they got even half a chance.
  7. Oh shit, here we go again..
  8. you know the nutbags are gonna say god is punishing them for legalizing a plant which he put on this earth.


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