3 days until I leave for college

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  1. Any advice for move in day/first week??

  2. Get a map of your campus right when you get there. Even if you have been to the campus before, its best to keep one on you for a while. Mark what buildings contain your classes and at what times. Map out some places to grab food as well. If you have never been to the town before, during some spare time drive/walk around near campus and see if you find anywhere that might look like a place you want to check out.

    Try and find the shortest rout to your classes, that way you can have some down time before having to go into them, have a cig or just chill. Also dont smoke on campus or in the dorm rooms. Never smoke in the dorm rooms. Wait to buy your books until your professor tells you that you will need it. A lot of people find out that they will not need a specific book.
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  4. Find a connect! ^_________^
  5. Wisdom.

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