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3 Days of pure darkness before harvest?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by CSn0w, Sep 22, 2010.

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    i've heard from multiple growers, that after the trichs are mature to your liking (caramel for more indica, Milky for more sativa highs) shut off all lights and keep in complete darkness for 3 days, then cut/dry tehy say because it makes more Trichs form and the buds will be more potent, any truth behind that? also they said not to water for 1.5-2 weeks before harvest. (after the last flush of course)
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  3. Plenty of discussion on this here at GC as well...

    You won't get a definitive factual answer on this, it's an issue where some growers believes it works and others do not. Maybe if there were millions of dollars in federal grants available to test various methods of growing the most potent and largest-harvest MJ we could get a definitive answer, but the experiences of a personal grower here vs. a personal grower there don't add up to concrete proof.

    I am in the camp that believes in extended dark just before harvest. In fact, I go more like 4 days.

    But I do water during that home stretch, the plant could suffer if it gets too dried out in any phase of its life cycle. I give a last watering before that extended dark, you don't need the plants all plumped with moisture just as you harvest to dry them out, but you don't want them going thirsty for 2 weeks.

  4. thanks man, and the way i look at it, 4 days shouldnt really matter after the buds are matured, considering they wont enter their photoperiod because there's no light entering,
  5. The best thing is to put the plant in a Darkness state for 30 to 48 hours before placing them in your flowering room. Also you can give the plants a Darkroom period after your 2 weeks of flushing tho you must continue watering the plants every 2 days in total darkness. Check out my Naturally Medicinal guide in my signature it has a full shedule of everything to do and with extremely good result. Ive topped 2 lbs per 1000w light with my formula and all the steps I use.

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