3 day old sprout lookin kinda wierd lookin for opinions.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by itiswhatitis, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. I have this youngin under 2 42 wtt cfls and its 3 days old. Does it look healthy, and is the curling in the leaves bad they are not curled down or up but back? Idk any input would be greatly apreciated.
    Also how often should i water the top layer of the soil is dry but i just had an overwatering problem with another plant so iam kinda scared to water.
  2. let the soil dry you can spray with seaweed solution:hello:
  3. I Have one just like this except another leaf set. the problem is, that its curling up like your except even more? it this rate it will die in a few days! SOMEONE HELP!
  4. could be heat stress

    but they look like theyll pull throo fine to me dawg
  5. do you have a fan on it? looks like it could be heat related.
  6. if your worried about soil moisture then i would recommend using a spray bottle, it works well enough to keep the soil moist and u dont have to worry about over watering and drowning the sprout, id also put it in a humidity dome of some sort to help maintain moisture. as for the leaves curling like that, i have a reserva privada cole train that went thru the same exact thing, the first set of true leaves on it looks like a crescent moon and it has not affected the growth of my plant at all, it happens to be very healthy. but all this aside i think your plant looks really healthy and id just put a fan on it if u havent already done so:D
  7. Its fine, seems like the seedling was soaked, and had water sitting inside the first two leaves when it opened. Looks fine to me.

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