3-D Television Warning

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  1. Who else is stoked on this sweet technology?

    3D Fucking TV!!

    But I guess there is a fat warning against watching it if, your drunk, old, or pregnant.

    3D TV: Not for the Drunk, Tired, or Pregnant - PCWorld

    However nothing was said about us stoners--so who else is down for taking bong rips, while watching a tiger fucking jump out of Planet Earth playing on your sweet new TV?

  2. Doesn't say why, so they're probably just covering their asses in case any dumbass preggos try to sue Samsung for their babies comin out retarded after they watched some TV :D
  3. I'm not too sure how the 3d TV's will be, but the company that is adding a fourth color to RGB spectrum is susposed to have an amazing display.

    It's susposed to take HD to a while new level because it gives thousands of additional colors that before couldn't be displayed.
  4. That's Sharp and they added yellow to the spectrum. It's junk and just a huge marketing promotion. Go to any HT store and check out the Sharp compared to the Samsung/Panasonic/LG's out there. It's just YELLOW.

    The 3D TV is amazing if they had more TRUE 3d sources (more movies besides Monster VS Aliens and I know ESPN and Discovery Channel will be doing 3D broadcasts). And YES us stoners can still watch it and I have not had any ill effects.
  5. I can't even fathom watching Planet Earth in 3D-HD :D

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