3 Cop cars and 5 cops in my back driveway

Discussion in 'General' started by Heinous Anus, May 4, 2006.

  1. Have no idea what is going on.

    Taking to the neighbor back there, everything seems fine. Just a little weirded out...
  2. Go ask if they wanna smoke a splif..
  3. Alright, just went out and talked with 'em. They're looking for some mexican guy. Robbery or something, and apparently he lives behind me.

    Thank God...
  4. damn that woulda scared the shit outta me

    good thing they werent looking for you
  5. Christ, that would have been paranoia to the max for me! Lol
  6. lol, glad it wasn't for you, I would have shit my pants.
  7. Fuckin' freaked the shit out of me.

    I'm sitting here, hearing talking and like, "Who's at my back door?" I look out the window and see 3 cop cars and 5 cops standing on my back porch to get out of the rain. I go out and ask what is going on and they tell me they're just waiting for some guy who's supposed to be coming here.

    Thank god I haven't been smoking for a few days. My room window is directly next to the porch that they were on and they could easily smelled that. Especially, since I had my new cleaned bong on my desk, lol.

    Wow...that was pretty weird. They seemed cool though. They apologized for coming on the property without asking. I told 'em they could hang out for as long as they want. Cause, I don't want this guy robbing me next.

    But, right now, I'm hiding my pieces, lol.
  8. This guy usually gets into trouble. I've seen a few cops back there for a few months now. But, nothing like it was today. Freaky shit.
  9. haha damn atleast you aren't growing! I would have freaked.
  10. yeh, one time I was driving up my driveway, which is pretty long since the house is far from the starting road (kind of creepy at night, but this was during the day). I hadn't checked behind me cuz . . . well, nobody comes up the house behind me EVER. But all of a sudden I look behind me, and I'm all like "wtf. there's a cop"

    Turned out he just wanted to tell me my rear right light was malfunctioning and to get it replaced. It was only later that I realized it's illegal for him to come onto my property, but fuck it, I was just happy he didn't notice I had a small sack in the backseat, lol :D
  11. Yea, they keep coming back and waiting. Keeps freaking me out. Everytime I open that a door a cop is there, lol.

    Oh well...atleast they aren't after me. Weird day though...
  12. damn dude....i wouldve hid more than just my pieces.I would have hid myself!
  13. My neighbor is a cop. Sometimes when I get a little paranoid, Ill glance out the window and be like 'OH SHI- wait its my neighbor.'
  14. lol, well I'm not growing. Don't have any weed, nothing like that. So, its all good. :)

    I'm actually helpin' out by letting them be here. We've been talking, and so far they all seem pretty badass. These cops are alright in my book.
  15. Shit i woulda told them to get the fuck off of my property. Jus like my sign says, "Tresspassers will be shot."

    2ndHand, Damn bro. That must be weird living next door to a cop.
  16. Nah, these cops were chill as hell. Was talking with 'em for a long time. Really bunch of nice guys there. Hell, if they want to help protect me from getting robbed, I'm all for it. :)
  17. there is a mexican right behind you...
  18. He's creeping up behind you... and he stabs you in the back...

    with a spicy beef, bean and cheese burrito
  19. I'll block with sour cream and quacamole shield!

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