3 Colas?

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  1. I topped a plant about two weeks ago and it split as usual. Then I noticed while loving on them that not only did the 2 new shoots start developing but it also started the last couple days growing back where it was topped. Is this common.  IMG_20130525_190954.jpg IMG_20130525_191002.jpg IMG_20130525_191018.jpg

  2. Haha ya man it happened to me earlier this year, the two tops took then like a little shoot started growing from the middle. You can leave it but it probably wont get much light since the other two are way ahead and will be blocking a lot of light from getting to it.
  3. Couldn't you strap them to grow in different directions their for making the light spread evenly across the top of all three
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    You should be able to LST them ... no reason why it shouldn't work.
    Isn't the whole point of topping the plant to stop the height growth and focus on the buds/colas? What happens if these new shutes keep growing? Does that take away from the fatty growth you want for the flowers?
  5. I'm quite impressed theirs 3, normally its 2 or 4. I would say bend and train.

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