3 bowls of Bubba kush did nothing... Then...

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  1. Im a total Cannibis newb... Several days ago, a friend gifted me 1/4oz of “Bubba Kush”. I ground it properly and loaded my water bong for the FIRST TIME! I took two deep hits (holding it gently for 3-4 sec). After a 7-8 minute wait... Nothing! I took another two deep pulls and waited another 7-8 minutes... Nothing! I repeated this through THREE small (1/2 tsp each) bowls with only the MILDEST buzz an hour later...

    *This is where the story gets good: Yesterday I took the equivalent of 9 times what I put in the bong bowl and made 1/3 cup of Canna-oil for some brownies. My theory was that if one bowl full was barely noticeable, that 9x that would (if converted to oil) would be perfect for a pan of 9 brownies... I made the brownies and had ONE, as did another friend (not of us total beginners). It was 80-90 minutes later that we knew this was going to be an unusual night...

    Once the high was observable, the feeling went from mild buzz to a deep swirling panic; my body begun twitching and all voice sounds became garbled and took intense concentration to process. Conversations appeared to take hours to conclude, yet examination of a watch revealed that only a minute or two had transpired... Five hours later I was still highly agitated, panic stricken and nearly vomiting; not a good trip!!! 8 hours from the time the buzz began, I woke my lovely wife for some luvin’ as I now had a raging arousal that nothing could cure but her. After a seemingly endless multi-hour romp in the sheets (that she said took only 5 minutes), I finally went to sleep. By 6am I got up and made coffee (a full 10 hours after the buzz began the day before... I was STILL rolling along on a cloud, but finally able to enjoy it just a little.

    Now it’s a full 18hours after the high began (19-1/2hrs from the time I ate the brownie) and I am STILL cruising on a cloud. My friend has reported similarly... Is this normal?

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  2. I wish it were normal! Actually, it is, it just doesn't happen to me anymore. You ate a lot and that was totally a normal response. How did you make your oil? Obviously whatever you did worked!
  3. For the oil, I simply took 0.2oz of bud that I finely minced with a kitchen knife. It was double wrapped in a foil pouch and baked/de-carbed at 235F for 40 min. The decarbed herb was then added to 1/3c canola oil in a mini crock pot on medium for 2 hours. This was then strained in doubled cheesecloth and added to a box of Ghirardelli brownie mix, with 3tsp of mint extract to help mask the grassy aroma emanating from the mix. Once cooked, I divvied them into 9 brownies...

    The mistakes were many; first was failing to start with 1/4 of a brownie... I’m now 19 hours in what seems like a never ending high! The first 6 hours were positively MISERABLE; though the sensations during sex were noteworthy!

    My buddy is still flying pretty good too...
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  4. You sure did a good job with those brownies. I can't imagine what would have happened if you had not strained. They would have been even more potent. I happen to be free this evening and will bring milk or ice cream for a taste of a brownie!
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  5. Only done edibles a few times, not really into it tbh. First time, I was very stoned for about 18 hours and I took half of what my friend told me hah
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  6. This is STILL going at 22 hours in. Indeed it’s much milder and quite pleasant, but still having an effect. My friend is reporting the same. We’re also both 6’ 165lbs and in good physical condition... I’m looking forward to a continuum of the sexual encounter from the night before.

    Going dooowwwnnn Mr Tyler?

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  7. My friend that gifted me the 1/2oz of Bubba Kush just dropped off three really full looking buds of Fire OG with the instructions to “be extra careful”... I’m beginning to think that some friends are dangerous! Online reading suggests this is very potent...
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  8. I have a little bubba kush left, been smoking it on and off since February, have been really enjoying it. I don't want to see it goooo lol Was one of my favorites until I picked up some black diamond. strong body high, that tastes like blackberry :D

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