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  1. Hello so I’ve narrowed down my decision to get a quantum board kit. So can anyone post a good deal/setup for a 3 or 4 board setup with 300 watts ? So many options on alibaba also I just don’t know which one. Maybe somebody here ha ordered something similar to my request with a good experience ?!?
    Thank you very much
    Sincerely 3000
  2. hlg qb132 boards(4x) paired up with a hlg-320h-2100a driver.
    Cost - approx $200 + misc wiring / misc
    300w true
    no heatsinks required, runs very cool and gives excellent coverage

    if you are on a tighter budget, you can save money on the driver with a lrs-350-36 driver
    lights and driver would be approx $175 + misc wiring / misc
    (i'm on my 4th grow under this inexpensive set-up)
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  3. I actually have that exact setup useing the LRS-350. I am curious about how big the difference is between a QB132v2 at 75watts and a QB288 At 75watts ?
  4. ironically, i have 2 2x4 tents.
    tent 1 has the qb132/lrs-350 set-up at 300w
    tent 2 i have the folux kit which is 2x 288v2 boards with a hlg-240h-48b, basically the same as the hlg-260 kit but with a dimmer

    the 300w 132 set-up not only runs SIGNIFICANTLY cooler, it does so at higher power, 300w vs approx 260w.
    I actually have to limit my 288 boards to no more than 50-75% or they simply put out too much heat for my environment situation.
    currently not even using tent #2 and those 288 lights for that reason. ing the tent as a drying tent, lights are sitting in the corner which tells you how much i like the 288 boards..... lol

    to answer your question directly, the difference with both boards at the same poor is HEAT, the 288 board is easily twice or more hotter.
    think about it... you are squeezing more than twice the number of diodes on a board physically smaller and thinner, so how would you NOT expect a 288 board to not run a lot hotter.that's why they need heatsinks and the 120/132 boards don't.
    You also get the added advantage of better coverage because because you can spread 4 boards out better than 2.

    what you CAN'T do though which sucks is get a 120/132 type board with the extra spectrums like an r-spec board. but you can always add supplemental strips if it is important to you
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  5. You could check out the 260w dimmable quantum board at niemiled.com

    They also have the RSPEC qb
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  6. Hey bud I was wondering at how many watts are the quantum board 288 running at a cool temperature? Not necessarily cold just a temp that is comfortable and not causing heat issues in the tent ?
  7. dimmed to 50% heat in not an issue at all and boards/heatsinks are not overly warm therefore not radiating a lot of heat off. At 60-75% it's probably approx similar to the heat output of my qb132 set-up.
    Not even currently using my 288 boards because of summer and their heat made me shut down that tent until the weather cools. If I used the tent for only vegging or growing veg only plants such as herbs / lettuces, etc the lower output is fine and plenty and heat isn't an issue but to turn them up to full for say flowering that's when the heat just is more than I can deal with in the environment I have to work with. in a cooler ambient environment it wouldn't be as much of a problem or even no problem at all.
    in my 2x4 tents i still prefer the qb132's. The difference in number of overall diodes isn't that much but the 132's give better spread coverage, more power, less heat. nice too that with the less heat off the boards, right now in flowering I have the 132 lights at 100% power of 300w sitting only about 3-4" over top of my canopy so I can get the most intense PPFD on my girls. I could never run the 288's this close unless they were dimmed down so much that I there would be no point!
    comes down to preferences though
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  8. Ok I understand. So running the qb288 at day 60watts is not worth it ? Won’t be bright/strong enough to produce ?
  9. for vegging it should be fine, for flowering it's going to be on the low side. and I look at it like why buy a light if you need to run it dimmed just to be able to run it because of the heat. I'd rather spend money on a light i can get full potential out of it.
    but again, this is just MY particular situation and environment I have to grow in. Th heat issue may not be a factor for you and isn't for many who use and very much like their 288 boards.

    I'm not trying to convince you one way to the other, both the 288 boards and the 120/132 boards can all grow plants very well, you just need to evaluate YOUR grow situation/environment, etc and determine which is best for you.
    I MY situation the 132's were the best option. I'll be moving my tent in a few months though down to a cooler location and things will radically change and at that point I may find I prefer the 288's better because than I could actually use the heat to my advantage....

    sorry, no one single answer fits all....
  10. 3 QB96 elites and a 320-54 driver and you are good!
    You can run each one up 133w and wouldn't need any extra cooling.


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