3 blades on the 1st set....wtf???

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  1. Whats going on fellow growers..i planted some seeds and had one sprout with three real blades rather than ttwo...look crazy and of about 100 or so plants ive grown its the first time ive seen this.
    Anyway have you guys had any mutant plants? Also what do you think causes it..i am not able to post in threads. Cant figure it out but I did post a pic of the mutant in,member galleries if you wanna take the time to look at my pictures thats the only.place ive been able to post em..wtf?
  2. Happens all the time.Well not all the time, but have seen it on here about 3-4times now. Just a freak of nature.
  3. A "triploid" haha thats what i heard somone call em? 3 sets of leaves?

  4. Lol...im actually curious to see what itll turn out like..if itll have any more deffects..like hermi.
  5. itll prolly be fun man, doubt itll hermie just becuase of that but itll deffinately be cool to watch, make a journal!
  6. I have actually heard on here before that the triploids are more likely to go hermi. Just keep a close eye on it.

  7. Thats what I fogured last time I had a bud grow on a leaf..like instead of a blade there was a bud growing...and it hermied on me..craziest looking thing
  8. whoops see, you learn something new everyday :) i guess it does make sense to some extent that some irregularitys may come with others...i feel like now that im thinking about it i did read somehting on here about them hermi'n but i also i wonder to what extent? like stright up male and female or the mostly female with a feew balls type
  9. I guess the fact that its a femenized seed it already has a better chance to hermi..i cant wait to see what the next couple leaf sets look.i wonder if its gonna have an extra branch spot..that would be pretty cool...if its only a few male flowers ill hunt em down...if they start popping up all over ill chuck it.
  10. good plan, ive managed to sucessfully snipped the male flowers on my first grow, had some light leaks or something but not a seed was made, not a banana smoked! I deff think it gonna be a fun, what exactly do you mean "branch spot" like 2 heads without topping? or three branches at the nodes?
  11. So im looking at it right now and its starting to look like two plants like siamese twins..its way more pronounced now..ill post a pic..but for whatever reason I cant post it here itll be in member galleries..wtf I turned off popup blocker but still when I hit select file nothing happe.s at all..
  12. Its got three perfect leafs and two of the rounded leafs stuck together and a regular one on the other side.
  13. It is a triploid which is a mutation causing 3 growth spots at each node. This will happen every so often, you probably don't have anything to worry about. In some cases some strains are more prone to hermie if you get a triploid phenotype, but unless that's already a known issue for your strain I wouldn't be concerned.

  14. PicS??? i cant even picture that haha
  15. I posted pics but I could only get en into member gallery.. First time I've actually had one of these grow like this...had mutants before but never what's looking more and more like two plants in one seed. Had two clones go into a cloned and they grew together and actually bbonded. Craziest thing you could litteraly see two stalks but mended together in the same skin. There was no seperation . Then I read how you can knick hops and mj and bond em together and they'll grow fine. They just can't figure out how to get thx into the hops. Pretty cool stuff

  16. Hey morange is this your plant? Also what strain if so. Mine is sour d .
  17. Nope, that is a picture of a triploid from google. Although my last grow which I just cropped included a strain that had a high rate of triploids (kalashnikova), I didn't get one.

    Sour Diesel is a great strain worth the flower time for sure. I've got some LSD, CH9 started and planning on adding Blueberry Gum and Bubba Kush.
  18. sounds like alotta people like sour d, least the 3 or 4th time ive heard somone be like, im growin sour d today. haha IM growin sour d aswell!! woo! Whats the flowering time lookin like? my buds are already alot bigger than id have thought at 5 weeks
  19. Triploids are generally male from my understanding so I'm surprised to hear it was a fem seed, will be very interesting to see what happens..

  20. Rt now I have a white widow, two violator kush x bubblegum..and two afghani kush..all on day nine flower..i just planted five sourd , three star47, & confidential cheese by reserva privada..
    Ive in the past grown ak47 , sensi star, violator kush, bubblegum, skunk x haze, snowcap, g13, g13x haze, church, sour d, pinnaple chunck, super skunk, purps and theres probably ten more..this is the first time ive seen the triploid....triploid lmao thats a howel..
    By three nodes I mean theres three blades and under each blade theres a little branch..so rather than two theres three..

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