3 Arrested; Officials Seize More Than 3,000 Marijuana Plants

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  1. Associated Press

    RIVERSIDE--A drug task force on Wednesday seized more than 3,000 marijuana plants that were grown in sophisticated indoor operations.
    Three people were arrested in an investigation of cultivating and conspiring to distribute marijuana. Authorities contend the three were part of a six-year operation that rented pot-growing space in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties.
    Authorities found 2,000 plants at a home in Riverside and 1,000 plants at a home in nearby Hesperia, according to a statement.
    Another 500 plants that were being dried and processed for future sales were discovered in Downey in Los Angeles County.
    The combined marijuana was worth an estimated $3.5 million on the street.
    The Riverside home on Pick Place was filled with green plastic pots, each containing a foot-high marijuana plant. Investigators lugged hundreds out.
    The Hesperia home, on a barren lot, was lined with aluminum to create a giant greenhouse.
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