3.5 weeks into flowering. Problems

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by harryf, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. alright, another problem...
    Theres lots of things I could see this being, so I'm hoping somebody can nail it down for sure. First, our roots have a bunch of what I'm assuming is mold on em, the water level got low for a couple days, but I didn't have any pH down so I waited a day after I realized it was low until I got some. I realize now that was dumb cuz the pH wouldn't have been near as big an issue as this, but anyways... So I'm going to give it a flushing with GH FLora Kleen, which made them look gorgeous the last time we used it. The aerator is still goin inside, and I'd like to add another one, but at this point its not practical to be drilling on the bucket because the plant is almost too big to handle and I don't want to risk it. If yall think it's absolutely necessary, we can do it. On top of all this, along the main stalk, from the bottom of the plant to a little over halfway up, lots of leaves (many overnight) have turned light yellow. They also have the appearance of nutrient burn around the tips, but I dont think thats what it is (we changed water recently and have been careful about the nutrients). lots of leaves have begun to follow suit, all along the main stem. I'm going to spray for mites in case thats what it is. Could it be a deficiency of some kind? Or do you think it's related to the roots? If you need updated pictures of the leaves and roots or any other info about my setup, this plant has an active journal going in absolute beginners, just click the link in my signature. or you could private message me. The forum won't let me repost the pictures here. ANY input is greatly appreciated.
  2. HIGH All, I have a quetion for you in your other thread. Plus I'll probably delete this post in the near future as I think people will reply on you other thread.
  3. no problem, I wasn't trying to make multiple posts, I was just going for spedier replies, thanks

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