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3.5 of some beasters

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Flavor Flave, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. whats left of the eighth...still roll shitty blunts but oh well. paid 60 :(. Sorry for the bad pic

  2. lets smoke cuz i jus rolled a blunt too :D
  3. My god.. 60 for that? You need to find a new contact dude, he just ripppped you off.
  4. not being a snob, but those look very, very similar to my good mids.

    I pay 30/8th for that. Sorry, bro, it happenes to the best of us, but you got ripped.

    Now, get RIPPED, and do better next time.
  5. That blunt looks pretty good to me.. :smoke:

  6. does no one know that the picture quality always doesn no justice for the bud?

    if that pic was more clear and higher quality, it would look like some decent bud (beasters) just like what this guy said, i usually pay 60/8th for beasters too, then when my guy gets supar flame its still 30/8th so its all good.
  7. pretty expensive, i can get 5gs for 55-60$ here.

  8. LOL 30 for an 8th!!!!! jesus christ man . YOUR the one getting ripped off lollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll its 15$ 8th here for mids

  9. I said "LOOKS LIKE" I don't know for 100% certain, I should have said "It LOOKS like you got ripped" my bad.

    Wait a second; you pay 60/8th for beasters, then when your guy has top-notch, you pay 30/8th?? Sounds like a strange pricing system to me. I have found beasters before, but I'd personally have a hard time paying anything over $45-50/8th for those. Considering that the dankity in my neck of the proverbial woods goes for $50-60 1/8th

    But hey, if it works for you, thats all that matters in the end....well, that, and if you're really high.:hello:

  10. It used to be $25/8th for me, but some big busts have taken place in my state over the summer, and I think that was used by the guy my dealer picks up from as an excuse to raise the price. Both of us aren't the most pleased about it, and I wouldn't totally agree that I get ripped off, but I think we might have to part ways if the price goes up anymore. The mids are very good though, so that's why I tolerate the price. Plus, my guy always goes outof his way to do cool shit, so I consider it worth it for the service.
  11. yee thats the price of mids in the city 15$/8th usually pretty compact nugs not bricked up...

    but woonsocket iss a different story.. like 40$ a quarter kinda brown tintd bud its fukin disgusting it hurts your throat so bad...

    but yeh prices change i got a quarter for 45$ but the chick was hott so i figured she jus wanted the 5$ xtra nd the bud was fucking bomb for mids

  12. lol, i think my guy is kinda stupid though, hahaha, like he calls these really crystall hairy compressed dense nugs "beasters" but they are pretty damn good, then when he gets some shit that smells different and really strong dank weed he calls it "fire" (DUHHHH) and it is usually better, i guess the beasters are just really good, and then the flame is just better by a bit, like beasters here = 8/10 fire = 9-10/10.
  13. 60/8th of beasters is crazy. i pay that for good heads. but then again i guess its wat u call it
  14. ehhh 60 a cut of beasters is pretty steep. 40-45 is about normal unless ur connect is a buddy then u can get lower. but its all good blunt looks nice enjoy that bro :smoke::wave:
  15. These threads leave me constantly befuddled. People comparing prices when they aren't from the same area, can't see the weed, have a chip on their shoulder, are immature children...etc. "Look what I can do!" - Stewart

  16. here are my "beasters"


    they're pretty damn crystally, and get me pretty high always smells good, strong, but not the strongest, lol. yeah. and really dense.
  17. Smoke it and enjoy man. All depends where you are located. Here in central fl get decent for 50 an 8th. Can get better at 60 but just hate paying that much.
  18. Bid quality is tough to see w/ that pic but 3.5 should come out to more than a blunt and that little left over
  19. hahahaha, 8ths of mids for 10$ here in central FL

  20. damn man soo closeee!!!!!!

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