3 .5 g firecrackers

Discussion in 'General' started by mrk195smokin, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. I just put 7 grams into fire crackers that are cooking now i cant wait til 12:30 ill be so fucking ripped. btw this is my last day of summer so im going out wiht a bang.:smoking:
  2. Nice. Are they going to kick in at 12:30 or are you going to eat them at 12:30am? The time for me says the post was written at 12:37, so I'm confused. If they already kicked in, enjoy your stay in make-believe land, haha.:hello:
  3. dude im so baked! :X
  4. like 30 min past noon dude.
  5. yeah i put 3g in one and was fuckin RIPPED dude. i slept for like 10 hrs afterward.
  6. How was the bud?

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