3.5 bars od xanax

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by TrappGrl, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. bout to be feelin good, whats everyone up to tonight?
  2. Damn from the title I thought you meant someone OD'd from 3.5mgs.
  3. Yeah I thought you were bout to say someone OD'd or some shit. Well, have fun! I used to love pharmas but now-a-days I'm strictly a cheeba man :D

    (I still have a few hydrocodone, and a few vicodin for a rainy day :p)

  4. lucky!!! i was trying for vikes, I love them.
  5. Have fun. That much would just make me pass out then wake up after hours of xanax adventures that I couldn't recall.
  6. Hydrocone is the same thing as Vicodin.
  7. I'm going through withdrawals from something I used to do. Im just blasting music sippin on some stella artois and smoking a couple bowls of blueberry romulan. Tonight there's a freeks and geeks party i'm going to. Hopefully i'll get my crunk on by then
  8. Took 3 bar's yesterday for a total of 6 mg's and barely felt it.I have high anxiety though,also a huge tolerance.I quit taking them for about 3 month's and when I started up again I still had the same tolerance.So I don't do them much anymore.

    Have fun getting faded and probably not remembering shit,that is if you don't do them everyday.

    Me,I am just chillin right now,probably about to play alittle Gear's of War 2 and smoke some Sour I got yesterday.I have ALOT of Opiate's in my pocket right now but am trying not to take them much if it all for recreationaly purposes.I have 20 30 mg Morphine,30 Lortab 10's,40 oxycodone 20 mg pill's,and some Fexeril and Zanaflex,also a few more Xanax.(If intersted search my thread's and go to the one with the title of 3 Day's to see what I am talking about)I will end up throwing out the Opiate's or giving them to other's that actually need them like myself but I just don't want to be a junky forever so I am taking a well deserved break from them.
  9. Damn bro you have quite the collection of pills.
  10. Smoking stupid amounts of reefer.
  11. just got done drivin from san antonio to houston, took 4 bars last night with 3 beers and i was feeling alright, although before i started drinking the alcohol i honestly wasn't feeling shit. fucking high ass natural xanax tolerance. im about to trade my vaporbros vaporizer for like 80 klonopin or so, i like them more than xanax for the most part.
  12. i also have a high tolerance. it just makes me feel good for a little bit and then usually wanting other drugs. hahah.
  13. yeah i haven't smoked in a long time(2-3 weeks) which is actually a long time for me, and I usually go into the night saying 'alright, im gonna only pop 1 bar and im not gonna drink' then that 1 bar turns into 3, and then after 3 im seriously still sober for the most part and i want to get fucked up more so i usually end up taking a lot more and drinking with them, and last night I ALMOST smoked, which would've pissed me the fuck off in the morning.. moderation is very very hard with xanax, not gonna lie.
  14. been chillin' on a bar earlier today...just popped 1.5 5mg percs, bout to smoke a nice L and blow half another bar with my boy...hell yea friday

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