3-4000 watts SAFE?

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  1. How safe is it to run 4kwatts? I see some people using 10k with no problem. With 4k I figgured growing a strain like ak47 I could yeild 8 pounds per harvest
    being a decent grower right?
  2. 4k is a shit load of watts. you are going to have some issues with security if you don't have a legitimate reason for all that power.

    and 8 pounds from 4k watts in about .89/g per watt. how are you planning to yield so much?
  3. maybe he means lumens?
  4. How big of a grow area are you talking about? Respectfully, if you need to ask a question like this then it sounds like you will be over your head with a grow this big.

    What do you mean by "safe"? Safe from fire? Yes, if you're careful. Stealthy? Depends on your grow set-up but for a house or apartment that would generate a red flag on the electric bill.
  5. I am running 4 x 1000 watts with no problem.

    Electrical companies dont care about your consumption, they only care when you dont pay it.

    If anything worry about the heat signature they will generate.
  6. Im glad to hear somone out there is doing 4k safely. Could you tell me what you yeild with your 4k watts per grow and per year(just an average)? and what strains?
  7. Classified and upsets to many people when mentioned :) Sorry :)

    Your name suggests something, hopefully doenst get you into any trouble.
  8. electrical companies dont care but im sure the laws do

  9. simple as he gets too much bud :)
  10. I'm not quite sure what you mean by running 3-4kW safely, unless you're talking about from an electrical standpoint. In that case, you're going to need to know a few things about electricity before you burn your house down.

    Electrical power is determined by the number of electrons in the electrical stream (measured in watts), and the speed at which those electrons are moving (measured in volts). Dividing the number of watts by the number of volts gives you your total amount of electrical power, or amps.

    The circuits in your house (as well as your lights themselves) are most likely running at 120 volts. To calculate the number of amps a light will use, simply divide the number of watts your light consumes (in your case 1000) by the number of volts your circuit uses (most likely 120). 1000 / 120 = 8.33 amps. Next you must check your circuit breaker to see the highest safe amperage level a single circuit can handle. Since HID lights require a greater amount of power to start up than they actually run at, do not use more than 80% of the posted safe amperage level.

    Most circuits (at least all the ones I've seen) are rated for 20 amps. Using 80% of this gives you a total available amperage of 16 amps. Two 1kW bulbs will run at 16.67 amps, or slightly more than the calculated safe level. If you wish to run 2kW on a single 20 amp 120v circuit, put each light on a seperate timer and have them come on about 3-5 minutes apart. This ensures that both lights will not "pulse" at the same time and potentially blow your circuit.

    If you want to put more lights on a single circuit, you can install a 240v or 480v circuit to run them off of. These higher voltage circuits are used for ovens, dryers, and other appliances that require greater electrical usage than a 120v circuit could safely deliver. A 240v circuit rated for 20 amps would run three 1kW lamps safely, or four lamps if you place them on seperate timers. A 480v circuit will run four lamps safely even if they all come on at the same time. If you do use a higher voltage circuit, however, you will have to purchase a ballast designed to run on that same voltage (they are not any more expensive).

    Good luck, and don't kill yourself.
  11. If you're speaking electrically....
    Unless you are using digital ballasts a 1KW HPS is drawing more than 8.3 amps, I"d say closer to 9.5. In which case your way too close to max amps on a 20 amp circuit. I would check the service panel, as most residential circuits are 15amp/14AWG, and it'll trip.


    If you're talking about drawing attention to yourself from the law enforcement commmunity based on power comsumption you would have to consider a few factors: Have you been busted for this before? Have you told ANYONE? Is the area you're growing in being scrutinized for any reason? Take an honest look at what you're planning and you can probably answer that yourself.
  12. you guys are seriously chattin some brown.

    Originally Posted by DierWolf
    Classified and upsets to many people when mentioned Sorry

    Your name suggests something, hopefully doenst get you into any trouble

    and whats all this about? why would it upset me. if you told us you had 10,000kilos i dont think any of us would be bothered. curiosity killed the cat.

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