3-4 Yellowing/dying Leaves....

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    Hey guys. This is my first CFL grow. I have 4 plants about 2 1/2 feet tall, currently on day 32 of flower under about 500w of 2700k and 6500k mixed light. The heat is constant 74-78 F and upper 60s during dark. They are growing in 1 gal pots in FFoF and I use FF nutes. I am not exactly sure of the strain because it's bag seed. Anyway, I have one plant that has maybe 3-4 water leaves that have yellowed as you can see in the picture attached. Is it nute burn? I follow the fox farm nute schedule to the T, except I haven't done the sledgehammer flush yet, which I probably should, yeah? I heard some yellowing in flower is normal because a lot of energy is going to make the buds and not the rest of the plant? Is that true? How do I counter this?

  2. Yea that's true. They are sucking up the nutrients from the leaves and all that energy is going into producing flowers and what not. They usually die from the bottom up. 
  3. Yeah I noticed on the other ones that some of the lower leaves were dying off, but on this one there are a couple of leaves toward the top that are dying. I just hope the whole plant doesn't end up looking like that.

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