3-4 weeks of flower.. Can I get some feedback?

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  1. If you've stumbled upon my other two posts on here, you'll see that I am definitely a beginner. I have gotten my baby through veg and 3-4 weeks of flower and I was hoping for some constructive criticism or even some praise :)

    Strain: gorilla glue
    Nutes: fox farm big bloom and tiger bloom with subsequent waterings of well water/molasses
    3 gallon smart pot
    500w LED
    8 2700k cfl(100w replacement)
    3 6500k cfl(help with lower lighting)
    1 full spectrum LED 25w bulb

    Panel light is about 13-15" awa from top colas. And the cfl's are about 4"
    output_18.jpg output_17.jpg output_16.jpg output_15.jpg IMAG0123.jpg

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  2. Very nice. Good job and good luck on your harvest.
  3. I know that I should have defoliate more and only left a few main colas, but I was going with the 'au naturale' system of letting the plant do what it wants and working around it. Next time, I'll definitely top, lst and defoliate more.

    Thanks for the kind words, means a lot.
  4. yiou dont have to defoliate your plants ...some people do take just a few leaves off to help get the lights to the buds and bud nodes ,,some even take most of the fan leaves off the stems as well ...but lots of other folks dont bother and get great buds ,,,i take a few off ,,but like i said you dont hare to take any leaves off the plant ,,its really up to you if you do want to do that ,,just let the plants grow ,mac,
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  5. But, if you defoliate, won't you have fewer bud sites with bigger buds? I thought that was the main draw to defoliation. As it sits now, provided everything works out, I'll have a ton of smaller buds because I have like 30 tops instead of like 8 or so?
  6. i think yor mixing up defoliating your plant with some thing else ,,,,,get a good grow book or google 'how to grow weed ' /..you might learn a few things ,,,mac
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  7. output_17.jpg Oh, I've learned a lot from these last 2-3 months.. And one thing always stays the same, forums aren't for learning about a specific topic, they are to provide assholes like you a place to feel important.

    I've managed to get my plant this far, without you, I'll manage to get by the next few weeks.
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    i was not being an ass hole ,,,there's a lot of urban myths and other stuff written about defoliating plants i was just asking why you wanted to do it ..and No you Don't get more bud sites by defoliating your plants ...i was going to say your plants look fine ,,,but as i am an 'ass hole ...go stick your head up your ass hole ....it was you who ask's for advice and criticism ,,then you start the insults ,,,lol....mac
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  9. yep.. pruning leaves does not increase bud sites. It may help grow the bud sites that are already there though..just like LST and super cropping etc does.
    I dont know why you would strip all the leaves off your plant for (defoliate) that seems a little drastic, but each to their own.

    Looks like you may be pushing the P to much.
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  10. TOPPING is what gives you lots of tops/colas. DEFOLIATING is snipping off FAN LEAVES to let more light in.
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  11. and as far as defoliating in general...... I do it somewhat. But you have to remember.... there's lots of nutrients stored in the fan leaves that will aid in the budding process & most importantly, in finishing. (Provided you're flushing properly. ) So its really up to you. see what works for you.
  12. Defoliate is stripping of leaves. Not one or to two or a few. But to strip the plant of leaves.

    Removal of some leaves is pruning, trimming, shaping, training etc.

    Now I know some people like to make up their own definition of what Defoliate means..but its kinda in the word itself.
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  13. LST or super cropping actually gives you the most colas.
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  14. I think your buds are coming along nicely.
    Keep up the good work.
    I would only remove the leaves that look like their job is done, like the lower fan leafs that may already be dying off..
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  15. Is this dude fucking serious?
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  16. think hes got an attitude problem 'MonkeyPickAss' he asked for any comments or criticism ,,but seems he don't want any ...mac,
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  17. Which is a shame as his plant is very nice.
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  18. Defoliating is debatable i feel its more of a stress training technique to get light in. As far as flushing i think thats more of a corporate gimmick to get you to buy flushing compounds.. As far as nature goes the leaves yellow and die near the end as they are being eaten for trace minerals and nitrogen. I see a bulb on the bottom is that the uvb cause if so i wouldnt use it just yet you want buds to grow without having to produce resin at this point to protect it from the harmful rays. Imho id chop 20% of leaves starting with your big fans starting from the bottom and either start stakeing or shove it in a large tomatoe cage. Once they start filling the branches with buds weights gonna pull em down its fine if the buds are sideways but you dont want em to break under their weight. Looks good keep it up.
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