3 1/2ft BLACK JACK Auto:):):)

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  1. Black jack football party!:):):)


    Hope everyone's team wins unless they're playing mine!;)
  2. lol. hows it taste and hows the buzz?

    stop holdin out yo cmon :)
  3. Lol it's a mellow buzz bro. It starts in the head and works to the body, has a really smooth taste!
    Hard to describe cause I don't have the best pallet.

    Smoked a blueberry blunt with my neighbor last night and he said it was like blueberry pancakes! Lol

    I am seeing that the longer the cure the more potent the weed. Ive been smoking in different stages of cure and It just keeps getting better!:)

    My first and only harvest before this one was harsh as fuck. So I think I'm coming along with this growing hobby.;)

    How are your little beauties doing today my grow bro?:)
  4. `I will put some new pics on my thread check it out
  5. Start of week 7 pics. Once again these are 6-8 week flowering strains. Very little amber so far mostly cloudy and a few clear and amber trichs.:)










  6. seems to have alot of white hairs on the top of that 1 pic for sure...they r looking great yo n lots of nice top nugs :)
  7. What do you mean a lot of white hairs? Is that a tail tail sign of something other than immaturity?

    Thanks I did a lot better job of LSTing and all that shit this time around. Will do even better next go!:)

    One of the plants the red dragon is getting near I think cause she has swollen quiet a bit and her hairs are turning red.

    The Carmelo I think is the one you are referring to with the white hairs and really big fan leaves .yea there are no red/ambers on her at all. She is also a purple strain but my temps have not been ideal for coloring. You have any experience with purple strains? Any thing I should look for?

    Hope all is well in your neighbor hood my friend!:) gonna smoke some weed and watch some foose ball!:):):)
  8. nah i dont think the white hairs is a sign of anything just takes a bit longer to rippen fully maybe or just has more white hairs naturaly.
  9. Carmelo might be getting some purple....awwww shit!!!;)


    Watch it be a mag def or something! Lol
  10. Well I harvested everyone to has read through this small pile of gibber.

    Most of the time I was blazed and day dreaming of what could be.

    Harvested approximitly 2 1/2 zips each plant. Sooo...around 8-9 zips total my second grow from four plants not bad!:)

    Gotta pack it up for a while. Just when I was going to try and get whitty with shit and do a 31 gallon scrog. Oh well... Fuck it, I'm still gonna do the scrog cause I got a few more months before I'm a daddy.:) Don't know what to say to that cause I just found out today. I'm baked and don't know what to do.

    I think it's gonna be a good thing, just can't have a grow room with kids.:(

    Ah fuck I'm stoned and freaking out man!!!!!!!!!
  11. damn man congrats. hope its a boy for you
  12. Thanks bro! I just hope male or female they have ten fingers and 10 toes if you know what I mean.

    Fuuuuuck that bs with marijuana lowers your sperm count is exactly that...BS! :(
  13. Each jar contains an ounce except the one on the far left. I've been working on that one. The individual buds on the table from left to right are :

    Red dragon, CSS, and caramelo! Enjoy!!!




    My wallet for size comparison.;)


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  14. Bro, your smoke looks amazing. Congrats on becoming a father too, if you can grow bud that good, your kids gonna be in good hands
  15. [quote name='"JDSosa"']Bro, your smoke looks amazing. Congrats on becoming a father too, if you can grow bud that good, your kids gonna be in good hands[/quote]

    Thanks for the words man. I'm excited!:)

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