2yr old seed won't germinate

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  1. I have two seeds left from when I bought some close to 2 years ago. They've been stored in a closet since then. I put it in water and within 12 hours it sank. Since then I've had it in a wet paper towel for 2 days now and the outer shell hasn't cracked open yet.

    I do have new seeds on the way but I'm open to suggestions.

    Any ideas on things to try?

  2. Well I hear the proper way to store seeds is in a refrigerator. So those seeds might be duds now

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  3. You may have drowned it, or it may have been dead anyway. I have germinated 10 year old seeds in the past. If they are stored dry, sealed, and cool they last a long time. I wouldn't soak them in future,, just put them in lightly damp tissue paper in a food container or bag and keep it about 25°c. That's the best way I have found to start them
  4. get a cd case,paper towel ,wet it,put seeds in the towel,close over the seeds and stand the cd case on end by your direct tv or something of a heat source,the cd case will stand and gravity will make the root go straight down,i dont soak mine either,i have some about 15 yrs old that are still good,i just take a piece of sand paper rolllit up ,tape off both ends and shake the seeds around inside the paper a little bit,it will scar the shell and help germ,if i have nothing after a couple days
  5. Scarify the seeds (zip bag and a piece of fine sandpaper..Shake for 10-20 seconds) and add 1 drop of H2O2..You might get lucky..(if it is not scratched..shake some more..)
  6. Did the sand paper and the shell looks to have some nicks. We'll see what happens. I'm not sure what the sand paper does if it already sinks in water though...that would tell me it already let water in.

    If I don't see any progress tomorrow I'll give the other seed a try and skip the soaking.

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  7. It's just a shot..
    usually if the seed shell has gotten too thick..scarifying it could help..assuming the inards are still ok..

    I have had maybe a 25% success rate with my own oldies..and I mean oldies..LOL
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  8. SUCCESS!!! It's starting to split open!!
  9. Gonna cost ya..BIGLY..LMAO
  10. Money-wise, while it's the same strain as from 2 years ago...let's look at some of the differences in my equipment/supplies...

    Last time I used a single CFL bulb in a clamp light reflector....this time I have (up to 4) qb288's going through MW 150h 54a drivers.

    Last time I used Dollar Tree dirt....this time I've got a 30lb. bag of Happy Frog soil.

    Last time I used Miracle grow and a little of my own urine for nutrients (bizarre but I read it helped with nitrogen def.)...this time I've got Mammoth P and a sample pack of Nectar for the Gods (on the way).

    Last time the plant wasn't nearly big/healthy enough to scrog....this time I'm going to do a pvc/mason line scrog.

    Now HLG fucked up and sent me 4 setups instead of 2...but so far I've spent somewhere around $400 compared to a whopping ~$50 last time. So it's already cost me, but I'll be able to use the lights, net, soil, and nutes for several grows. And instead of only yielding a few grams, hopefully I'll get at least a few ounces.

    Fingers crossed boys and girls!:Love-Plant:
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  11. That was a JOKE!!
  12. I know I was just comparing the differences.

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