2x4x7 grow tent ?250 or 400 hps?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by newgrowNY, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. Would a 250w hps be ok for a 2x4 grow tent? I could supliment with the CFLs that I have in the corners. Or would I need a 400w?

    Anyone have a similar size tent / space that can offer any advise
  2. 250 would be good enuff, but you would have outstanding results with a 400 watt. Either way proper ventilation will be needed.
  3. Go with the 400 for sure, I have a 400watt in my tent which measures 2'8"x2'8"x5'3". I had trouble cooling at first but it seems I may have stabilized it.
  4. can you recommend any good webisghts sellin the tents?
  5. Well yeah dude I will help ya out but out of curiosity why'd you pick such an old thread to ask this question?

    Hydroponics | Hydroponic Supplies is a company Id recommend for grow tents, I have purchased from them and they are discrete and pretty fast on the shipping. :smoke:
  6. well i am using a 250 for only 2 or 3 plants... i should be able to get a good quality results right?
  7. You are the person that I have been looking for apparently. Help with ventilation. I have a very similarly sized cab and a 400 HPS. Having heat issues running about 95 degrees so....

    What CFM are you using? Trying to find a cheaper option than a can fan or whatever. Not sure what to look for. Looked at bathroom vent fans but that was a nogo. Thinking about those duct fans. They're relatively cheap, wanna see how much air they push.
  8. those duct fans are weak bro. Ive got a 6", and it is like waving a palm branch compared to my 8"HO can fan.

    consider the ventilation an investment. You buy a nice big fan, you wont have to replace that for a while ;)

    besides, its kinda required, for safety and security (odor control) and/or heat, as youre having a problem with. You cant get the most from your light without good ventilation.
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    Well man i use a 6" Vortex with a rating of 452 CFMs attached to a carbon filter. The amount you spend on bathroom fans and such could of got you a nice inline fan or can fan as you call it. Another thing to remember your grow room temp can only be as cool as your out side air temperature. I keep my house AC on about 68 and usually run about 75 to 79 degrees. Here check here for the fans I was talking about for cheap. I wanna say my fan was about 120 bucks but there are MUCH cheaper ones. One thing to remember about ventilaton is the more the merrier in a since because you can always speed control your fans down so they are the correct ammount. Also what are you intakes like?
    Ventilation & Fans - Plantlighting Hydroponics & Grow Lights
    PS the duct fans are nothing but junk honestly they do not blow as much as you they claim. I do use 1 though for an intake.
  10. Those duct booster fans are only good if using little to no ducting. I use one to just get the air out of my tent and dump into the larger room. Then its all pulled thru a large carbon filter, 600w cooltube then the 6" vortex,and to the outside.

    The vortex is a great fan,if you want to spend a lil less get the valuline 6" from plantlightinghydroponics.com

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