2'x4'x6' attic cab 150w HPS

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    sooo ive been meaning make this journel for a while but wtvr oh well im lazy.

    uhhmmm where do i start..

    germination was may 7.

    they all were in soil and sticking their heads up by may 11th..

    today is the 5th so thats like 29 (26) days..

    im using fox farm nutes grow big, big bloom and tiger bloom.

    at first i was using 3 18" T15 and 3 18w CFLs but just recently i got my..

    150 watt hps system w/ built in ballast :)

    and a 240 CFM Panasonic Whisperline :devious:

    soo when i first started them i gave them too much nutes blah blah blah im retarted and embarrased frankly soo ya heres a like to that in the sick plants thread it has all the pics from when they were babys to now


    and heres a pic from today

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  2. from what i can see they look pretty good.

    mine started about the same time as yours and im using 150w hps's too
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    veg day 28

    the first pic. the tallest plant. 8.5"

    the second pic. ..is kindof confusing.. the one in the middle top is the second biggest. 8", the one in the bottom right corner is the 3rd biggest 7.5".. then the other 2 are the sick ones that idk if im gonna keep but i have one big pot left so well see.. the left one is 6.5" and the right one is 5".

    the third pic. has the biggest plant on the left, the retared dying bent fucked up mofo is in the middle and the 3rd biggest is on the right. haha and my bong is in the bottom right corner

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  4. Looks good man, I've got mine under a 150 watt also, but you're a couple weeks ahead of me. If you get a chance hop over to my journal and check it out.
  5. For the love of weed get a new camera! Also, nice setup : )
  6. thanks ya it's not the cam its the light imma take some flourescants up with me next time I go up and take some pics
  7. 110 degrees i cant believe it! keep a log of this . could prove some people wrong.
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    k so todays high was 103.4F, low of 78.7F. ;)

    when i got home today around 3 it was 101.
    (it usually doesnt get hot till around 1145 at the earliest)

    i turned off the light untill like 6 when i turned it back on the temp was 93

    i finnally moved one outside and the healthyest 4 are staying in.
    (the outdoor plants temps are high of 75 and low of 50)

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  9. Looking sexy. How tall are they?
  10. ummm.. tallest to smallest.. 9.5", 9", 8.5", 8" :) No complaints here
  11. How tall do you plan on letting them get? Just trying to get an idea.
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    idk yet.. im thinkin less than 2 feet
  13. Veg day 31

    heights are 10.5", 10". 9.5", and 8.5" :) steady growth im down

    temps were high of 103F inside the box and 94F outside the box. low of 74F inside the box and 60F outside the box(last night). i turned the big light off at 3, it was 100Fin/96out and turned it back on at 4 when it was 96in/93out.

    soooo id like to discuss my venting for right now.. its not permanent yet cause i dont have any ducting blah blah blah.. so latly ive been doin this........ at night before i got to bed go unplug it so it doesnt get cold for my babys... then in the morning i have it sucking all of the hot air out.. when i get home at 3 everyday from school i usually turn it around so its blowing the less-hot-air from outside the box on them.. sometimes i dont turn it around but wtvr..

    idk do you guys it bad to be blowing 94F air at plants at 240cfm 6" from like a foot away? the back end of the fan is sitting on a roll of duct tape so its actually blowing on the ground around their pots but its still windy.. i mean i know its good for them to be windy cause it helps their stem structure but still? wtvr lol sorry im super baked right now...

    k picture time!!!

    the bottom left one is the biggest. top left, top right, then bottom right

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  14. VEG DAY 32

    max 96.3in/92.1out min 70.0in/62.1out
    current temp(1:00PM) 88.2/82.8

    one of my babys hit the 1 foot mark!!
  15. Looks great man. good luck with your grow. peace:smoking::smoking::smoking:

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