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  1. Hey all! Novice indoor grower in MI. looking for a little advice here. My current setup is:
    48''x48''x80'' Grow Tent + 6'' Fan Filter Duct Combo w/ an 800W COB LED Light.
    Started with 2 clones in soil and the ladies seem to enjoy their environment just fine!
    Looking to do a sister tent just for veg'ing. ( 4 pre-started clones in soil - tent size 24w"x48L"x60h")
    My question : Was thinking about doing a 4' T5 LED light for the veg tent (like the idea of even coverage) wondering if anyone had recommendations? (2 or 4 bulb ballast, what type?)
    Thanks for the input and recommendations!

  2. 4 ballast T5-HO works good for veg, but lacks a little 'umph' in the end.
    T5 works really good with seedling and early veg, later on, depending on the size of plant you want, and the speed at which you want it to happen, you may want something with a lil more power. It will work though, and I really like T5s for seedlings. Just make sure to keep the lights close to the canopy.
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  3. Thank you for the info! I'll take that into consideration... Your plant through that rack looks crazy good, lol! Appreciate any further tips. Grow on my friend :)
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  4. 800w COB light < do you know what COD means ?<
    COB is CHIP ON BOARD Technology ..… I think all LED lights is a chip on board technology .
    for me to make a true 800w LED grow light it would cost about 800.00 to 900.00 bucks Samsung Quantum Boards .
    To make a true 800w Cree/COB grow light the cost would be close to 2200.00 bucks .
    If you bought a blurple then most likely your 800 w light is actually about 250 watts .
    Blurple you need 48 watts per square foot .
    With true Cree/Cob or Samsung Quantum Boards you need 28 watts per Square foot .

    Straight up T5 lighting will work ……….but Samsung Quantum Boards is the most efficient lighting know to man at this time …………..
    In other words you get twice the light for half the power bill .
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  5. Thanks Headhunter!... I totally agree with you on the true meaning of 'COB' after doing a little more research. While I understand that blurple and quantum board are the leaders in LED tech, my wallet parameters lead me to seak a little more budget friendly alternatives, lol!
    I ended up doing a Viviosun tent (2x4x5) w/2 300w Viparspectra's hanging over each (Black Destroyer strain). I'm just trying to do a few plants at a time before getting way above my paygrade, lol! But they seem to be enjoying their new environment so far! As always, I post w/peace and love... And always welcome constructive criticism and tips from you experienced growers out there. - Great Forum for us noobs!

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  6. The HLG 65 is $99. Each one will cover about 2x2 for veg.

    HLG 65 V2

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  7. I like the way you set it up for space and light coverage. I have three under one qb in a 4x4 and they are jammed cause they are bushy as hell and under one qb260xw. I threw my viperspectra 600 veg light in there to help maybe spread things out but it’s still tight. Plus I feel like I’m shorting the one under the viperspectra on watts lol. Wish I had two qb lights and 2 plants under them in my space. That’s my next grow. Till I learn all the techniques used to grow with the netting.

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  8. Also meant to add since your lights are new that I vegged three autos under one viper 600 and it made sweet bushy gorilla glue autos once they hit flower I put them under a qb light that I had been waiting on to arrive. The viper did good though so I think I’ll veg with it long term and flower with the qb

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  9. Appreciate all the tips from everyone, very helpful! My 2x4 tent is doing solid work with the Black Destroyer-they're looking healthy! (2.5 weeks into flower)

    My question:
    In my 4x4 tent I have 2 ladies scroged (but not to the extent I'd like, but...) They're under a cheaper Anjeet 800w cob (I know, I was trying to stay on a budget, lol)
    They're actually doing pretty good, but are definitely not getting a full light bath on the sides I was hoping for. I'm not surprised after researching the the actual par spread.... But that being said, looking to add some more lights to what I already have going to help with the outskirts of my canopy. Any thoughts or suggestions from you experts out there? As always, I appreciate any thoughts or suggestions! Thank you!
    (first pic is of the BD's, the second is the 4x4 tent wanting help with)

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