2x4 grow tent ( one 900w mars hydro or 2 400w)

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    I have a 2x4x5 grow tent. I’m starting my second Grow and wanted to upgrade my led light. I currently have a 300w vipar spectra but was going to sell it or just keep it for a rainy day and upgrade to a 900w mars hydro 2. Would this light be to much light for this tent.
    I plan on upgrading to a bigger tent after this grow but I would rather just have one light to have less clutter as I thought the tent was taller than what it was for some reason, but as I read around it’s better to have a bunch of smaller lights than one powerful one. If I do end up going with two lights it’ll be the mars hydro 2 400’s.
    I’m gonna be running 3 plants in coco
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  2. Yeah, multiple lights are better imo.. I'd get 2 192 reflectors imo.. Guess it depends on how many plants u want to run and the type of plants.. I think you can get by with less light for indicas than sativas.. Just depends on alot
  3. With only 5' of vertical space you're better off running more smaller lights that can be closer to the pants. I've recently maid the switch from the blurples to quantum boards from horticulture lighting group. The difference is night and day. You can build a 60w fixture that will perform better than the viparspectra or Mars 300 at about the same price point.

    the quantum leap: indoor multi strain perpetual organic journal
    Indoor organic
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  4. I think I need to hit up a YouTube video to see how to make one but I might just go with to smaller ones like you said.
    2 400 way mars hydro actual draw is 162w I believe which takes less powers than the 900 which pulls 364w.
    I like your setup that’s my next project after this grow or sometime during is to start a perpetual grow but I still have a few things I need to purchase for this current one like my ventilation and lights. I have everything else ready to go and waiting
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  5. usually multiples lights will cover your growing spcae nicely compare to one single light.2pcs Mars II 400 will work, you can also check out the Mars Pro II Epistar 120,it with upgraded drivers and chips, with advanced tech,will give better light mixing and lighting performance.

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