~~ 2x2x5 Tent, 200W Solarflare LED ~~

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  1. - First time grow!
    - 2 White Widow (from GHS), 1 Dinafem Vintage 06
    - FoxForm Soil/Nutes

    I soaked seeds in water for 24 hrs then transplanted straight to soil. I made a makeshift dome which I occasionally spray - keeps the inside condensed/moist and humid. Wish me luck! :smoking:

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  2. Good luck. Is this your first ever grow? Don't be afraid to ask for advice.

  3. It is, thanks I appreciate it. I've been doing alot of research so I hope it pays off - I'm sure I'll be coming back in here w problems down the road
  4. If you can afford it buy Jorge Cervantes grow bible and Ed Rothensals grow book. The have great info for growers of all stages. I still reference them from time to time. They cover indoor and outdoor.
  5. Seed broke through the soil when I checked:

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  6. So whats up?

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