2x2x5.5' grow tent

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  1. Havent had a grow going in a while. So decided to take my mall tent out of storage and started 3 mendo breath seeds and 1 blueberry seed. The mendo breath are 7 weeks and the blueberry is 5 weeks /5 days old today. They are in moko ko coco in 2 gallon fabric pots. The light is just my old 2 bulb 24" t8 (40w per bulb). On a ligjt cycle of 18/6. Been giving them straight R.O water with DNF organic veg nutes. So far im very happy with how they have been growing and ive recently started LST on the biggest mendo until I can get a trellis net setup for scrog. But recently ive been considering changing to a better light for veg, as im planning to change to a 3 room tent for perpetual harvest and ill be keeping this 24" flourecent fixture for the cloning room of the tent. Looking to hear everyones opinions and their light setups. And also first hand experience with the light. I don't want to hear how you think the light worked with your brothers friends friends setup. Looking for new ideas for a light to get. Please help me decide. Pics of my babies for reference. 20190711_205439.jpg 20190712_165830.jpg 20190708_173842.jpg

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