2x2 joint doctors diesel ryder grow

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  1. This is my first journal. I have 4 joint doctors diesel ryders going. They are in a 2x2 secret jardin grow tent with 300 watts of hps. Today is day 28 or 4 weeks since germination. These are pictures that were taken from a few days old through today.

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  2. I had a little burn in that second pic. Last night was they're first full strength feeding, so I'll have to start mixing a little more carefully. The 2 plants on the left will probably never get a feeding over 3/4 strength and they might go water, water, nutes, while the plants on the right are going to get full strength nutes at a water, nutes, water ratio.

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  3. These plants have officially overgrown my tent. I had to remove some fan leaves tonight. I didn't really want to, but I ripped the bigger tent I had and I plan on moving soon so I don't really want to buy a new one until I'm sure of when kind of space I will have in the new house. So the first 2 pictures are before the trim, the last 1 is after the trim. I also carefully cut about 10 swollen but not open pollen sacks from the male I had and gently broke them open between my fingers over the plants, as this was suppose to be strictly a seed run. The plant on the back right has to be the pheno that grows taller as the description for the seed says. It would be nice to see what that one would do under the 600 watt hortilux.

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