2x plants 3x3 when to flip?

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  1. Hey guys just a couple of questions with my grow. Want to see everyone’s opinions. Got 2 plants in 5gal 70/30 coco/perlite they are in veg. Starting to fill out my tent. Wondering when should I flip them to flower?

    First time growing in coco. Was a slow start in vegging but I think I’ve got my setup going well now.
    When flowering how many fertigations a daily? What EC should I’d feed them?

    Any input on my plants? Need anything? Also just got my new ph/ec meter

    866238CB-8A2E-45C3-93C1-406511A49DA0.jpeg 6FC218DA-8E19-45D1-96AA-56CA2499142C.jpeg E35628D6-CF76-403E-8578-EEEA343D3F7A.jpeg 5C21CFFC-B0A3-43AE-9D07-AB644C61E89D.jpeg 0637C431-AFAB-4A04-9110-AECE24A79228.jpeg BE0AB599-D826-4DAC-B077-DFA5DB452CF9.jpeg 1B3B4F25-4745-4E78-9143-574CA6D46F05.jpeg
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  2. Not sure about when you want to flip, but is your intake air dirty?
  3. You mean The 2 carbon filters? Nah they are clean. They are exhaust fans I have 2 passive intakes. The fan on the left comes on when humidity gets to high. 1 on the right is just a constant exhaust turned down for fresh air.
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  4. Damn that's hardcore for 3x3
  5. Growing in a tin shed that’s not insulated in Australia’s summer/winter isn’t easy 40C heat in summer -3C in winter. Keeping humidity between %60-70 in veg Is ok now. But last year I struggled to get the humidity down past %60. This year I’ll be ready!!

    (Right) 4” exhaust fan is on constantly with fresh air (speed controlled down)
    (Left) 6” is on a humidity thermostat. Comes on %70 turns off %60. it barely comes on atm. But will in flowering I reckon.
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  6. They are looking good . I would trim any nodes that are underneath the canopy not getting light(cant really see of there is any from your pictures) so she can focus all of her energy on the top ones and she will grow faster

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  7. Thanks mate. I only have a few photos underneath but they are hard to see. I’ll get better photos soon. I’m thinking I should of let them get a bit taller before I started LST so I had a little bit more room under the canopy.
    ACE81E77-EFA2-4527-ACBC-16987B5BE4CB.jpeg FE195752-71F6-4497-AC39-829A587B0BCD.jpeg
    The canopy is starting to fill out should I do anything to it?
    D32BE590-99BA-4A32-BD11-35C2591B2B03.jpeg 4DF2347B-8FE3-4FF1-98B0-199F3E4EC4B5.jpeg
    I changed the dtw catch tubs from 16L under each plant to a 70L tub under both for when I flower. There are a lot of big fan leaves hanging down should I trim a few up?
  8. Few photos today. Starting to fill out now.
    AF2B2F87-75DB-47F2-9C5B-708AE2CAE2FA.jpeg 26DF36D3-8F0C-4639-8BBD-E12833AA6730.jpeg DE4985CC-F51F-4F5B-808C-22970FC90829.jpeg 7727585B-7A5A-401B-ADB9-0F2370EC539F.jpeg 799AD3F6-A28C-4CEC-BF55-4D9328062C52.jpeg 095CDD5D-8FC2-4295-99CE-D7B003E38CA2.jpeg
  9. I switched after week 5 in veg and my 4x4 is filled wall to wall. 20190729_075041_HDR.jpg
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  10. I decided to flip mine today. I’ll be moving soon and plants may be a hassle plus they are very close I think. I just started maxibloom Lucas Formula with calmag, diamond nectar, Florablend, rapidstarter. I’ve got koolbloom liquid when is a good time to start it? And I’ve got a heap of huge fan leaves should I defoliate a few?

    D678450E-88B0-44ED-B24A-384035FD07B2.jpeg 96D78DE6-1EF0-4FA8-BA20-847C5B98A1A9.jpeg 7763ACD1-FAE4-413C-A76F-9AA2D9566D7F.jpeg

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