2x 150w cfl or 300w hps

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Seymour, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. The height of my space is 3ft and now summer is coming my 300w hps is making temps rocket so I was wondering would it be best to get a cool tube or a 150w blue and 150w red cfl instead?
  2. I have 2 300w 2700k and I wish I had gotten a 600w led man. If your worried about heat and if you got money for it then I would go with that.
  3. Again budgets tight so am gonna go with the cfls- nice and easy I think
  4. 3 feet nah! you're fucked, even with cfl's your gonna need heat extraction,

    you just gotta get good at this

  5. My space is 4' high and my 5 bulbs make it hotter then hell it self without to fans on to cool it down.
  6. Look your post.
    I find the problems
    The first one:Summer gives you one problem of heat extraction for your 300W light.
    The second :unfortunately,u have a tight budget.
    what's temperature now when your light work after one hour?
  7. Where did you get a 300w HPS?
  8. my cfls don't produce shit for heat
  9. CFL。。。。。。。。um
    God Ble:devious:ss U
  10. how many are you trying to grow? Tight budget i feel but CFL's just aren't the way, i realize they work and some people even get good crop. but its really mediocre.

    Look on EBAY or CRAIGSLIST. i bought a 400wat HPS with ballast from Craigslist the other day for 100$ perfect condition, bulb, hood, everything. or you could go online and get a T5 For probably around 100 - 125 that's the 2ft 4 bulb. 3

    Think about it this way. you could have a few CFL'S Make allot of heat and probably a fire hazard depending on how they're plugged in. (Not saying that's the case, but I've seen plenty of fire hazard little grows)

    Anyways in the long run you should save up and get at least a small real grow light its better and you will see real results pretty quick.

    I started out with CFL'S bug ass 4200lumen output CFL's about 150watt and i had a few. over just one plant in a bubble bucket and the growth was long and not much. Moral of the story. your gonna want to upgrade anyways, don't waste your money on adding CFL's all the time and making makeshift fixtures.
  11. My 600w ballast switches down to 50 percent making 300 and that's over 4 plants with temps at a max of 100f- not good- that's with my 5" extractor on full power.

    The cool tube is the same price as the 2 cfl bulbs- really don't know which is going to be best!
  12. cool tube all day, those don't get that hot. Do what your plants would want best, the more you put in the more you get out.

    If you have a kid and you feed him vegetables and fruit he gets big and strong. same thing applies here. CFL's can do the job yes, and i have used them and a few friends and most of the people on here, but in the end you wanna get the best for your buck. CFL's are a way to grow, but cfl's are by far not the best way to grow. it'll flower for sure. but you might have little airy buds and not much real growth just a stretched out stem with a few nice buds.

    Not hating just throwin' in my 2 cents. either way as long as your happy with it man.!
  13. No I really appreciate the advice cos it's a real head scratcher.

    I think am gonna go for the cool tube- like you say iv always been a hps man just cos that's what I started with- I recently moved and had to scale down so am veggin under cfls for now then movein em under the hps later and the growth difference is noticeable!

    Cheers for the input peeps
  14. if you have the money get a t5. i love mine and it does allot of work for what it is. way better than CFLs almost no heat. and convenient. only about 130 - 150 for a 4bulb
  15. You need a lot of CFL's to have a good grow unlike an hid or hps with 1 light source. Anyone who says CFL is not gonna pull of a good harvest never used CFL's right. y be so biased? the sun emits many different light spectrum so why not use cfl + hps? more light = more growth

  16. why waste the money, you don't need a HPS and cfls.. That's like a grade A quality steak and getting dollar store sauce.

    Plus I'm sure most would get a 400+ so at that point its just a complete waste unless you get a good amount of the bigger CFL's..:rolleyes:
  17. ok man whatever you say I don't eat steak :p I say HID + hps + cfl + LED!

  18. Do you possibly have pictures of a setup with that working out.

    obviously it will work, but i mean id like to see your "method" on that.
    no offense but that just sounded so noobish. :laughing:
  19. it's okay I'm a noob who grows dank :) but of course not.. where am I gonna get money to build a setup like that being a noob? do you disagree that the sun's light is the ultimate source of power? so why not emulate all different types of light? or would it be better to just use a bunch of different color LED..?
  20. I didn't say you were a noob, i said that was a noob statement.

    Anyways. pics or it didn't happen! Why would you waste the money to buy CFL'S, Hps, and LED all for the same space? that's stupid. sorry man.

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