2Weeks into flower what can i do to yield high?

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  1. someone told me that i should get a spritz bottle with room temperature water in it and to spritz my plant everyday with water. My plant is 2 weeks into flowering and i was wondering if i should spritz it with water still.

    Also my plant is 2 weeks into flowering and is covered with popcorn buds and i was wondering what i can do if anything to increase my final yield.
    I read in a forum elsewhere that molasses increases yield? this sounds odd to me let me in on the secrets to yielding high

    Thanks guys :wave:
  2. LST( low stress training) ... but i dunno if its late now.
  3. I heard of a technique just recently where the guys actually pinch about the top 1/4" or so of the bud tip off. They do this several times throughout the budding cycle. It makes the buds more dense and fat and scary. I do not know the specifics, but I might be able to get them if you are interested.
  4. I honestly heard that if you spritz the plant when flowering you could start bud rot. LST would be good. and try PK 13/14
  5. yeah the plant is way big for lst at this point. It is 2 and a half weeks into flower at 22 inches tall. Its really bushy, i also read about pinching off the top buds and more buds will grow in place of them. I just used strings to pull out all the sun blocked branches out into the light, i guess this is LST in a way bud idk if it will increase my yield. Ill get some pics soon
  6. One of the more interesting techniques you can still use this late in the game is Secondary Budding. About 5 weeks into flowering while the buds are still immature but formed, you switch the plants back to 24 hours of daylight. The plant will go back into veg. mode, new tips will sprout from where the buds were. You grow it in 24 hours of daylight for four weeks, and then switch it back to 12 hours daylight and flower once more. It obviously adds considerable time to your grow, but you can expect about 25% more bud.
  7. page 14 of mister postman's journal starts the discussion of "bud topping"....or pinching.....they are talking about pinching an 1/8" off at three weeks into flowering.................go start there and see wht you can find.
  8. So once it has been budding for 5 weeks and i switch back to 24 hours light for 4 weeks will my plant get taller? it reached its maximum height for the space its about 2 inches from the lights...so will it stop growing in height on its own and bush? and what about the bud thats on the plants now? it can just stay on the plants while i wait to flower again? or will it grow old?

    it all makes sense thanks:)
    im working on getting some pics, it just started sugaring a good amount as well
  9. Hmmm I'm a noob so maybe I should'nt talk but would'nt that be HST?

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