2pac shakur 13/09/03

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  1. hey guys long time no postin here man i really miss this place ,hope everybodys good,well everybodys been wondering if rapstar & actor 2pac shakur is alive or not,well when it comes to 2pac let me tell ya that ive been waiting very long to find the truth in his unsolved killing, for a time i really thought that he was dead but after seeing so much suspisious activity in his murder i sought out to trie and get to the bottom of this and have been doing so for a few years and i looked no further than his songs and movies,now we all now that the 7 day thieory was made up by death row records to confuse people that were after him and actually waited for this day to come and he didnt show up so that was the little trick ,so everybody after him would give up hopes in him being alive and not knowing that he will show up unexpectedly in a differnt date which to my conclusion in 13th september ,in the makavelli album there is a hidden picture of a person holding up 7 fingers which also brought my attention,well if you really listen to his lyrics you will know everything i will give an example of one and paste a link here for more and i'll trie to get that picture,in his song ambition as a rider he says some were in the middle "ive been hesitant to reapear",now in the 7th year of the 7th month of the 7th day note that 2pac supposedly died 7 days after he was shot on the 13th of september 1996,that time have passed already which was on 7/07/03 7 year so thats how i know it was made up,it death was very real b/c some were in his song he says i payed the block to get tha rocks ,which can also include the hospital pac died in and tha cops so it was all planned we will just have to wait and see if im right any guys here with info about his death plz feel free to post em here thanx ,i'll post some info here thats gets very very deep into the death of pac which i believe is very fake,i'll be back with pics and info ,peace...........
    one more thing plz i would really like to know ur thoughts about this and do you think he will be back.......
  2. hey guys i just found this website just click the link some good info here and a trippy pic ....http://2pac03.tripod.com/

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  3. he released a track was a imposter hes dead live wid it son peace
  4. oh i get it you mean 09/13/03
  5. so sad... but he dead dude, oh well, most of his songs arent really for me nemore, im more party rap songs instead of chill back songs
  6. actually, it was sumthing like Suge shot me.. but they are not sure if it was true cuz it coulda been sumthin else he said but it sounded like that... i have that cd
  7. yes it was suge shot me, and its not really what was said, they did a full investagion on it with an audio experet and everything. It was actually a train or somthing I guess.
  8. man on the day that he was supposed to come back i preatty much sat in front of the tv watching mtv and bet hoping that he would come back. but as much as i would luv for him to still be alive i really truly think that he's dead. but that 7 day theory i still cant understand. how could someone predict how he was gunna die and to have a video " I aint mad at cha" be released a week after he died showing preatty much how he thought that he was gunna die and to have something almost exactly like that happen is really really weird. I could keep going on this subject but i gotta go to work with exactly 0 mins of sleep.
  9. well tupac never came back, I never heard anything from him, he is dead, and if you go to the rotton.com autopsy photos, it has him laying there dead. I might sound like a jackass right now since I didnt really read ny of the posts on what this thread is all about, so please dont make fun of me, im really fucked up in the head.
  10. u all been played this the reaction they wanted for der death now they livin on in history n our memories jus let dem rest damn

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