2PAC Ressurection opening lines. TRUTH

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  1. I got shot. I always felt like I'd be shot.
    Somebody was trying to do me some harm
    because a lot of people don't like me.
    But I didn't think it was gonna happen at that particular moment.
    I'm surprised, but I'm happy.
    I believe that, you know, this is all in God's hands.
    And I'm very appreciative to God for everything I've gotten to do.
    But also, about death, we look at death from the selfish side, like:
    "That guy died. Oh, it's so sad." Why is it sad?
    He's away from all of this bad stuff that's here on Earth.
    I mean, at the worst, he's just somewhere quiet, no nothing.
    At best, he's an angel... or he's a spirit somewhere.
    What is so bad about that?
    Throughout my life, I just wanted to be like an angel for God,
    do something where I could be of some help.
    And I can do that. I mean, I'm an artist.
    It's not like I have to tell the truth. I have to tell a story
    and reach you and get some kind of feeling from you.
    And then try to get the moral across.
    So this is my story.
    A story about ambition, violence, redemption and love.
  2. A prophet ? A martyr? a ***** with a story .
  3. 2pac was an angel, as are we all. We already live in heaven. Demons are just what we consider negative actions..

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