2ndGrow, 1/2 dirt,1/2hydro CFL,FF Nutes(update2-7)

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  1. yeahh I have been thinking about doing that too, two harvests, but it seems like the lower buddz mature quicker with regards to trichome color, but the upper buddz fill out sooner. So where would you really want to chop first??:confused:
  2. The trics are cloudy and amber just like the top but they are not as dence but as far as what I am looking for in a mature plant shes got it goin on. So Im not going to do the two harvest, just waiting a lil longer for a better flush.
  3. :ey:about 316 grams wet....I cant wait to see what it is dry..Ill have pics up soon. Thank all of you for help and support...:gc_rocks:

    Ill have pics up soon with info about the next grow comming soon to a computer near you:)
  4. Here are some pics of the top of some bud that was opening like a rose bud....Havent seen that before, First harvest wasnt anything close to this.

    It has been hanging for about 12hours or more and now I have them in a jar because they started to dry out:hello: cant wait for the next month to be over. I hope this harvest will get me through to the next one. I dont wanna have to call me guy for a reup anytime soon:smoke:

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  5. I really think you should let your plant hand a lot longer. From my own personal experience, I cut into 8-14" stems and hung for about 5 days. The stem would snap when you bent it, and then I decided to cure. Well, turns out, I still should have dried much longer. I had been opening the jars many times for extended periods throughout the day. Finally, a month later, still moist, I decided to takeout all the chopped up buds and leave out to dry overnight. It is really much better to dry out you buds very well, and allow the curing phase to really bring out the flavors. If you wanna add a little moisture back, later in the cure, you can always add a small lemon peel. Surprisingly, that will add a lot of moisture. The last thing we want is our dense buds to get musty.

    I have been advised to allow my plants to dry 2-4 weeks MINIMUM and then cure for 2 weeks, (minimum again, the longer the better)
  6. Nice bro! Shit lookin good :wave:
  7. I have lost about 50 more grams and now somwhere around 4.5 oz
  8. Very nice harvest, lookin super stellar.... dry time will vary depending on humity levels, my 1st grow I let hang for 10 days during the summer, second grow I let hang for 6 days during the winter..... good rule of thumb is whenever the stem snaps when bending the stem... I cure my bud for 4 weeks, week-1 burp 1hr/day, week-2 burp 1/2 hr/day, week-3 burp for 15 minutes, last week just 5-6 minutes.... Then to maintain freshness, freeze some main stems from the harvest and whenever you get a jar that the bud is getting pretty dry, pull a frozen stem, place it in the jar..... in a few hours the bud will be right as rain.... works for me :smoke:
  9. Ok so in the next few days I will have a new aero system up and runnin. I hope to start flowering something in about 2 weeks. I have a cloner and a colman cooler I converted into a aero system with a 5 gal recirc. res to keep things cool. I will have 2 6in netpots with maybe 2 plants in each with a screen.....I am hopin on getting a pound from this next grow.

    Ill have a link on here when everything is ready
  10. I ended up with about 3oz. I smoked some and well its a nice and mellow high but it doesnt seem to last to long. The jar is really starting to stink more and when broken up it smells awesome. I had a medical grower tell me that it may be a little premature and he may be right. I think I will make my final judgement in a week are so when its been cureing for at least a month........good thing is that it gets the job done.

    I have some clones that I dont remember when they were cut, today I saw roots out of the two Purple Hindu Kush, nothing from the three LSD but they still look happin in there rockwool cubes. I will be getting the net pots I need for my cloner. I will have pics up when everything is set up. my aero chamber for flowering looks nice and I will have pics up of that soon as well.
  11. great root growth in my cloner....I started using great white for my roots and I will be using it for a long time. They look a lil sick but the roots just started take off and they did need to get back into vegging again. Aero is lookin more and more of a good decision everyday. Will have pics up soon!
  12. Can't wait to see the pics
  13. Yeah I like to see this aero-hydro pics 4sure..... also keep in mind that the longer your bud stays curing, it'll get just better....
  14. workin on getting my pics up...hope soon
  15. :wave: Pic 1 = what I have left. Pic 2 = my flowering aero res. Pics 3&4 roots and top of cloner.

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  16. so I almost lost one because the mister got clogged.....all better now. the new 123w cfl is doing great. In the hydro store this light alone grew a tomato plant to about 8ft tall. I am going to get another one and put it into my flowering room and try and get close to full spec and ceg for awhile with the hps and cfl. I may put more cfls in there as needed for corners n shit. I am worried about the room I have in my res to keep the clones in there for long so thats why I want to get close to full spec so I cna just have a mother and cloner room and the other roo do the rest. By this friday I will really be starting a new grow journal.
  17. Update? Lol new journal?
  18. ya im getting lazy. I have about 8 clones cut afew days ago. Once they get roots they will go into the aero system and I hope to be cuttinmg them down in about 3 months. ill have pics up with more info when They get roots.
  19. hey bro, still diggin your aero-hydro, ya got roots :hello:.... you will see how smoother, alittle quicker the aero grow goes for ya....remember, ph needs to be to 5.4 imo everyday to get an awesome grow out of her... also rinse those roots for 34-48 hours every 10-14 days to keep away from root rot and such..... drain the system every 10-14 also before the rinse, replenish with good water, I always use distilled water... after the rinse feed them... my plants simply thrived when I did my dump & rinse... :cool:

    Also a new CFL, wow reminds me of a few grows :D, Aero and CFLs :D in my book it don't get any better, anyway stellar grow, I know your digging this new set-up :wave: stay kool:cool:

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