2ndGrow, 1/2 dirt,1/2hydro CFL,FF Nutes(update2-7)

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  1. Im in DWC and I thought I could flush with it because it has added sugars wanted in the final phase of flowering.
  2. as long as you dont have nutes i dont see why not. molasses does have sugars which is exactly what the plant will feed on once all the nutrients are taken. and if u do the last 48 hrs of darkness before final chop i bet the molasses would def help fatten those nugz up seeing as how it uses those in a final push.... just my opinion.:smoke:
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    The whole point of flushing is to stop nute intake and make it throw all it has stored toward flowering and it purifies the taste but if u wanna taste heavy rough molasses tasting weed go for it, just my opinion tho lol but I didn't get a green dot by my name for nothing lol :smoke::relax:
  4. Yeah what he said!!

  5. seems logical and fader agrees (faders grows are the shit) so stay away from the mollasses for flushing..... unless u wanna try and see for yourself but it would suck to ruin ur harvest:smoke:
  6. Thanx all......I havent been using molasses much. I used it once or twice. I will just introduce the molasses to this last week of nutes...and just flush with the h202:)
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  9. Those are some fat buddz man!!:eek:
  10. so I am not seeing new pistol growth, and my trics are lookin tasty.....I had this girl in veg for a long time, I mean she had showed sex for almost 2 weeks before I switched so I am not to sure on how long she took to flower but without a flush and the day I switched her she flowered in just 8 weeks ( 9 with a flush, 10 if I flush for two weeks....ya not going to do that! ) I have seeds from her so I know I will be able to dile in everything one day.
  11. I am going to start my flush either tonight or tomarow. I plan to start 10/14 Tonight then the two 8/16 for 2 days then she's gettin 48 hours of darkness to use up all her energy. This time next week she will be upside down!!!!
  12. Go for it buddy :hello:
  13. Started the Flush!!
  14. flush that hoe!
  15. The Hoe is flushing.....I am going to have to post a pic of the coolest shit I have ever seen commin from marijuana. At the tip of all my buds there is a big patch of sexy white hairs and the new leafs are unwrapping from it like a rose bud opening.....

    So today being thursday and I wanted to cut it down tomarow when lights are out but I think I may let it go until monday morning when the light shut off I am going to keep them off until wensday for my 48 hours of darkness. Saterday and sunday ill have the timer down to 8/16. I have been giving her 1 hours less of light a day for a week now, well now shes at 10/14. I am goign to go 9/15 for a day maby two then 8/16 then dark for 2 days.
  16. Man you are really showing your girl some love man!! Mannn I wish I had the setup to taper off the lighting like that... getting exciting.:smoke::smoke:
  17. its just a timer from wally world with 30 min tabs that I can change to set time. She makes Buds at night so longer dark time bigger buds. the last few days will drain all her energy and make her fat!!
  18. I may never pollinate a branch again or ever keep a male plant.....I keep seeing all kinds of seeds poppin up..
  19. When i said the setup to taper the lighting, i meant because I have seven different strains going at the moment, and I do not have a dedicated tent for the dark period. As they all have dramatically different flowering times... I will be able to give a 48-72 hr dark period, but cant taper off the lighting:(
  20. I should have known, I mean really I have seen your thread...A few of my friends want me to harvest half and let the other buds get bigger but I want to see what the changing light schedule does to her as well as the two days of darkness.

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