2ndGrow, 1/2 dirt,1/2hydro CFL,FF Nutes(update2-7)

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  1. I just cleaned mine but I just used pressure and h202. I need back ups so I really clean the ones I use.
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    I know its been some time but I have been trying to fight a bad ph issue. Many leaves are yellowing and burning. I belive it is nute burn, PH, and shes gettin old. starting 7 weeks so about 28 days into flowering. This strain is a cross so Im not sure how long she will take. Trics are startin to get cloudy so Im gettin close. the mother of this strain took about 10 weeks before I cut her down so Im just going off her harvest time!

    I have about 50 seeds so far and I sent 15 to a buddy of mine in GA. I am not done collecting seeds. Ill be doing that the entire time I break up bud to smoke.

    Shes really getting stinky now.....
  3. gimme some pics bruh im diein to see her:smoke: WOW!:eek: that many seeds huh dam thats pretty good.... its nt all over though right? just the ones you wanted?
  4. :hello:well most of thoes seeds came from where I wanted but The wife and I are going to have to pick them out of the bud. its cool though...I now have alot of seeds to pratice breeding or crossing or whatever. Here ya go.....some of the pictures are a lil blury but the color contrast is awesome.:smoke:

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  5. Here are more pictures:smoke:

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  6. I was thinking about a way to help with keeping my res cooler and also help disperce the air bubbles and keep roots out of my water pump. I have heard of people putting marbles or stones in a water bong instead of water to cool and disperce smoke. I was thinking about putting aquarium rocks in my res. they would also help to keep my air stones from flipping on me.

    I have the water pump in my res to act as a waterfall or fountain. An owner of a hydro store was telling me that the best way to cool water is to have a waterfall or fountain because falling water cools as it falls. So far I cant say its helping but its not hurting either.
  7. Nice comparison photos of the tops of the buds... Looking like more of a stellar grow each day.....

    So far as keeping your rez water cooler, you can feeze a gallon of water and place it along the side of the rez., should cool it down nicely.... Also those freezer blocks work well too...

    May I suggest whenever you can have a separated rez-box feeding nutes to a separated growbox, that's the only way I roll.... DWC, Bubble-hydroponics or bubble buckets I stay away from..... with the roots plugging up the rez. pump, that can burn up a pump pretty damn fast imo... whenever I topp my rez, I also make sure I got plenty of water in the tote box, just in case I have to take off for a day or so...

    I think the stone hold down your airstone should work. I have the 2-12" stones and 2-little stones, they are like 2" long and about 1/2" in diameter but boy they can make bubbles, I just let them hang in my rez-box... anyways the grow looks awesome
  8. The res pump has filters on it now so its not getting cloged. I dont think haveing a waterfall in my res is helping to cool it down that guy who told me it would sucks. I have been thinking about insulating my bucket and I drop a frozen water bottle in the res about 2 times a day during lights on. I kinda want to get a bucket a few inches bigger then my 5 gal one so I can insulate the space between or just get some insulating wrap. I am really thinking about a recirculating system but I dont really want to do that now with only a few weeks left. but maybe next goaround

  9. That recirculating system is kinda what I am talking about, that is how mine is somewhat set-up....heres photos of it before I germinated the Gold and Blue last year in 2010... one photo w/grow lid on, the other w/the lid off... Hope u don't mind me posting a photo in your journal?

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  10. Thats cool..Naw I dont care..it helps thanx
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    my first indoor grow is in soil, thinkin i might try somethin different next time.guess its all about thev setup
  12. I dont know how often I will be in my bucket. my room temp in my box is crazy. I am happy that I got my bucket res under control now. I know that I can do 3 plants at a time in soil. my bucket and scrog take up alot of space.
  13. I DID IT.......:hello::hello::hello::hello:

    OK so I bought a 5lb. bag of aquarium gravel and burrried my air stones and water pump. The stones stay cold as long as the water is cold and they stop the roots from getting sucked up do the water fountian is back and going strong. The insulation I wraped around the bucket was helping alot. I used to look at the temps in my res. as soon as the lights came on and it was at 74 every day. The wrap kept it right around 70 ish. I was happy but wanted it colder:D.
    So the Gravel is working better then I thought. and with the pump moving water around my res. has been going strong for hours at 62 degrees. I am thinking that I can now run two of thesewith out a problem.
  14. Congrats on the new setup! Thanks for the ideas:cool:
  15. can we see it?
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    I'll be changing my res out in a few days then I'll get some pics up. I also took my scrog apart and she's still standin......it wasn't really holding her up anymore.
  17. 10 beans just poped after 3 days...and I am going to the store later to refill my water supply tonight then I will be posting pics of the:D awesome new dwc system:D...
  18. trichomes look good on the very top cola The bottoms one are getting there I am going to give it this week with nutes then next week is the flush.....I want to flush with h202 and molasses whatcha think?
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    Don't flush with molasses, molasses helps uptake nutes that's not what u want, flush with straight water 3 gallons to every gallon of planter

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